Let’s all ask this pretentious Trollop what she does for a living? These self entitled hoes are in different hotel rooms weekly, but want to act high and mighty when in reality they’re getting pounded and used as a fleshlight for ??? an hour. #ButYouABadBitchHuh #WhatsTheBookingInBioForYouBigottedHoe #WhatCanIBookYouForToBetterMyBusiness #WhatAreYourTalentsOrSkills #NonExistentLikeYourMorals #SlingingTheCheeksForWhiteHennyAndWeed #BetterWrapUp #Every6WeeksThatHerpesBreakOutNeverFailsToShowUp #PussyGotMoreMilesThanBackToTheFuturesCar #TagTheSponsor

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  1. This hoe is dating some nasty ass fat guy called on IG @rosegoldrome. He is always showing off his money and his cars, he is a drug dealer and I’m sure she also enjoys doing some side work selling drugs at the clubs. Do more research and put them both on blast!!!

  2. i’m suprised she hasn’t been on here earlier…CLEARLY an escort! lol #PostsGoodWomanQuotesYetSucksDickForRedBottoms

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