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“Hello tagthesoonsor today I bring you Angela. She is victor Ortiz the boxer gf. She is very pretty naturally but is a shame she has to go do this kinda work. She also agree to promote my brother and I new business. Binfakin hummus. This also proof how these wemen lie on the internet about the fake tea and fake powder. Enjoy my friend.”


wow. You’re right. she’s dating the boxer:


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  1. Man. This is my favorite part of the week. BINFAKIN HUMMUS are you serious ?????

    Hahaha. Thanks for doing this don’t ever stop. Gotta order me one of those tees for Christmas.

  2. Can you explain the thing with your brother? Do you guys live in Dubai and he actually sponsors girls? Give us some details so we understand the whole story

  3. Binfakin Brand Ambassador

    Those of us who "know what’s up" completely understand and don’t need details. And if you don’t know, it’s better to keep you in the dark about it. ?

  4. OMG LOL! More interesting than the effin Kardashians! I love this page hehe I always come and pay my visits, it’s worth it hehe. Better than TMZ, thank you for the entertainment. Hope you get your IG back. This girl will probably crawl under a rock and never come out LOL.

  5. BINFAKIN HUMMUS ? Lmfao I can’t !!! That was AHMAYZING! Been waiting all week for this one ???. Hurry up and get back on the gram #tagteam misses ya

  6. @A- I don’t understand about the brother either. I have never even heard of a lot of this stuff until I started reading this site. I knew there were prostitutes and escorts but this is a whole other level of education.

  7. Both Instagrams are locked up or gone

  8. Bitch deleted her IG lmfao!

  9. Someone took her old IG and posted a pic of hummus. lmfao

  10. Lollllllllllll ???

  11. bitches are so dumb… wow.

  12. Fucking wanna be classy hoes pretending they have moral and legit living. Another two pieces of shit!!!

  13. Representate De Hummus♨

    Hehehe another GEM!

  14. Lmao dirty ass trick

  15. She was gonna sleep with her sister for the right price. Man BLOW THIS HOE’S SPOT ALL THE WAY UP, seriously.

  16. So she will allow incest and horrible things be done to her for money, but draws the line at inserting a live salmon in Mohammed’s ass…

    This is the best site on the internet. It’s To Catch a Predator for Instagram “models”. Bravo.

    –Justin Ross Lee

  17. In Arab culture, it’s okay for a married man to do all this shit to strange women because the woman is just a "western whore". Cheating on your wife is okay as long as it is with a "western whore".

    • There are more than enough ARAB whores around the world willing to play the hypocrite and sell their pussy to any guys. These bitches are all over Dubai.

    • Western whores picked up the prostitution and materialistic mentality and way from middle eastern women.Almost every Arab woman who is slightly above 5 out of 10 thinks she is a princess and would wait for that rich guy who can buy her whatever she wants as she believes this is the least she deserves. Western women move to Dubai a bit naive, once they have lived in Dubai for 4-6 months then they all on it as so many stupid middle eastern and South Asians ( Arabs , Iranians , Pakis , Indians…etc ) men think this is the only way to get a woman just like in their societies.Then you get the western especially British male expats who all of sudden got some disposable cash in hand (since they could not afford or live a similar life style back home),who again would adapt to that middle eastern mentality to keep up with the women so they go as far as offering cash , luxury clothing , apartment rents , cars . In the end the western woman’s mentality become as messed up as the middle eastern one since her expectations is so high when she returns to where she came to Dubai from and would find difficult to find a decent man that satisfies her ego and gold digging ways.

    • I see far too many local bitches in Dxb slutting around the malls and beach road and any coffee shops where the dirty dish dash are. The abaya makes them hypocrites. I’ve seen these sluts in action haha!! Disgusting Arab whores :))

  18. All I saw in Dubai were dirty Arab whores. Flaunting themselves around the malls searching for guys. Too many of these hypocritical trollops everywhere.

  19. When you get your IG please post this story again ? The juiciest I’ve seen!

  20. Western, Arab, Middle Eastern- doesn’t matter. A whore is still nothing but a a whore no matter where from. These women do this because they have limited options or are just simple minded. They usually grow up in unstable environments, are not well educated, and haven’t had good values instilled in them. This girl is a perfect example. She AND her sister are willing to do incest for money with a random stranger for money. They can look good and sell themselves to the highest bidder, but they can’t possibly feel good inside. That’s why the whole "model" scam is so horrible.

    • You know this "girl" is probably just a guy trolling right? He’s got his hot gf to pose for a few pics, in the hope he can con some rich Arab into sending them a depost …You know that right?

      • Wild imagination you have there young chap. I have a bridge to sell you.

        • It’s not my imagination – I know people who do this in real life and make good money from it!(although they don’t have to be Arabs – plenty of western and Asian men willing to send money to girls online in exchange for a few pics). Answer this … who do you think is taking the pics she sent which are used on this blog???

  21. If she gets her IG back we should contact the people she promotes like teas etc…. Perhaps if she gets a BF we should tell him the prostitute he’s with ?

  22. This one and ‘hemorrhoid farter’ are tied as GOAT posts.

  23. Wow her boyfriend must be proud. And he’s a boxer!!! Uh ohhhhh

  24. Lol wow Victor Ortiz is like fukkk now I gotta go get checked.

  25. I wonder what Victor Ortiz the boxer thinks about his prostitute gf. I guess he doesn’t pay her bills lol you guys should DM him this link or information 🙂

  26. Her sister is huge & pregnant according to Instagram…. No morals.

  27. Where can we find these uncensored pics?

  28. Is this post showing a tagged sponsor? (Must tap pic to see name attached and then his profile)

  29. You blocked me. I don’t know why.I was obviously too excited to read the convo and should’ve read the caption. MY APOLOGIES!Didn’t mean to "piss you off".

  30. I wonder who took those pic damn she fine ass hoe

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