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  1. Ugh, hope you’re up and running soon

  2. I just searched for both pages 🙁 hurry up back!

  3. Your backup got done too

  4. Oh no! I was so nervous. I thought I’d been blocked or something but I hadn’t done anything so I was so confused. I have to have my TagtheSponsors!!

  5. Inlovewiththeblues

    You predicted it alright; saying truth equals hate in this bullshit PC world we live in

  6. I thought so. Lmao these girls can’t stand to see themselves for what they are. I bet they report you all day long!

  7. Imy guys! You guys were like news to catch up on every night! Frikin hoes!

  8. I’m going through TTS withdrawals. Help meeee. Please report as soon as you’re back up and running. Good thing we’ve still got the website to come to because tomorrow is FRIDAY and you know what that means!!!

  9. I thought I’d been blocked for some reason! I was like Nooooooooo .. Checking TTS is the best part of my day! Come back soon x

  10. Lol you guys know this is all fake, right? The guys making the offers are fake (they don’t really have that amount of money to pay anyone), and the "girls" (in reality mostly teenage boys) are trying to scam the men by getting them to forward money ahead of their visits …Just trolls trolling trolls, lol. I mean … you guys can see this ,right? You don’t really believe that armies of sheiks and CEOs are ferrying instagram models out to Dubai by the hundreds right? Don’t get me wrong I know prostitution exists – but there are plenty of legit escort agencies where rich guys can find beautiful women, they don’t have to go on Instagram and make offers in public, and they certainly don’t have to pay $70k to get a girl to fly to Dubai for a week …

  11. Timothy, you don’t get it. ???

  12. please come back soon. Both pages ???…..damn this hoes!!! Had to snitch!!!. Let this hoes n haters take several seats!! ????Come back n hit them hard!! ??

  13. Noooooooo! My fav page! I thought I got blocked.. We need this page back asap!… This feels like the part on the movie oceans 13 when the casinos security system is down and they are getting robbed.. The "models" are on the lose as we speak! Lol

  14. I think what you are doing is equally disgusting as the so called models/ prostitutes. You’re trying to expose the girls but not the guys who are willing to fuck and pay them. Hypocrites!I admit, the salmon and the fakeit hummus is funny but posting her naked pics for the world to see or as some of you suggested to destroy her private life takes it to a whole new level.Why are you so bothered about them? I don’t agree with this kind of lifestyle but at the end of the day it’s nobodies business. It’s between them and their Johns. You come across as really bitter.

    • Well fuck face, as someone who lives in Miami as has these cunts constantly throwing their ‘lifestyle’ in our faces I think this is awesome. If you’re a dirty whore then we’re going to call you a dirty whore

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