Who took the pic? #NeverTrustAWomanThatGoesToDubaiAlone #SpeciallyIfSheLooksLikeEveryOtherInstagramModel #SoTellUsWhatWereYouDoingThereAloneHuh #HummusCartelMember #SponsoredByMohammedTheSheik #NoRealJobButLivingLavishly #ShesAnEyelashTechnician #WhatTheFuckIsThat #HoesAreMakingUpAllTypesOfCareers #MoreLikeHummusTechnician #SquattingTechnician #SquattingOnDicksForChampagneAndRedBottoms #PussyGotMoreMilesThanSlumDogMilluonairesSandals #TagTheSponsor

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  1. You should check that one commenting under her pic PrincessYasmine. Self proclaimed glamour model but in fact basic cock sucker

  2. Did i get blocked or something? I cant see you on ig. @ citywhips

  3. I sent in a request for u to troll her. She always flashing her luxorious lifestyle. And when I ask how she afford it she just never replies me.

    • Who the duck are you to ask me about my life. Why the fuck do you even care you dickhead lol. I wonder who you are because you have nothing better to do with your life than stalk girls online. Wasteman.

  4. Her glamour model name is Mia Cortinez – she’s had loads of cosmetic surgery so she looks a bit different. She’s done a world start hip hop After dark video and there’s a topless pictures of her online

  5. Alone? I went there with my man whom I’ve been with the past 2 years that I also live with, lol this site is pathetic

    • from what I heard you change boyfriends quite often so don’t lie. and you never take photos with him. He’s probably one of your sugar daddies.

  6. This girl goes by the name Isha in the escort world…. She doesn’t have any boyfriend. Claims she has lived with him for 2 years buahahahahahaa

  7. I like what you are doing here but you are crossing the fucking line with some of these hashtags. Never trust a woman that goes to Dubai alone? Do not make this about gender.

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