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“This is @Eliza_knows an Instagram “model” in her 30s.. That should already tell you she def doesn’t make a living off modeling. She claims like she does and puts this facade with pretentious captions. My brother Abdullah was talking to her “model” friend who would also be booked and reffered this girl to him. She looks like the the rapper sisqo hehe. Anyways. Things took a turn when she might’ve suspected we were not really going to sponsor her so she try to blackmail my brother saying she will tell his wife. Enjoy my friends” – sam

By now she gets desperate and figures out that she might’ve gotten played by the sponsor. So she tries to play dirty and try to blackmail Abdullah since he told her he was married. She threaten to show his wife unless he sent her money immediately, which she deleted the messages before he screenshotted her using those exact words. 

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  1. This is stupid….the girl is clearly uncomfortable. One word for this trolling: REACHING. You’re trying to expose them….but this isn’t it.

  2. She’s clearly up to escorting ( allegedly ) . Yet think Many are catching on to tag the sponsor approach . Trust if she thought the proposition was legit she be hooked like catfish on bait . She never said no but where’s the $$$

  3. Hilarious but these girls look like obvious escorts so it’s not that exciting… one of them even had a link to some kind of pay per chat thing on her ig… they look like obvious whores.. more interesting to read about the ones you would never guess… like models with actual good agencies like Wilhelmina or Ford etc

  4. Any African girls?

  5. You should do African girls too ! Why aren’t there any black females anyway ?

  6. Hmmm. This is a stretch. And married men who buy girls and troll for girls are disgusting.

  7. Dumb bitch asking for money just cause she DM’d someone lol bitch go get a real fuckin job. She acts likes she’s gods gift. No one will ever wife up a hoe. They only use them and abuse them. No matter how "HOT" they are just saying ?

  8. Why are women the only targets on this site? I’m sure plenty of straight men would compromise their values for thousands of dollars

  9. Looked her up. This morally bankrupt pig is the white Amber Rose. Say no more.

    -Justin Ross Lee

  10. You’re an arrogant prick TBH. Who exactly you think you are? Dxb is full of filthy losers seeking out hookers behind their wives backs. Nothing new there! ??hypocrites. The lot of you

    • Dude you don’t get the whole concept behind this; even though it’s been said countless times. No one has a problem with a hooker who admits the fact that she’s a hooker and even shows some gratitude to those that help her. But there is a huge problem with women who lie about the source of their funds. Read the about section or something for fucks sake. Women that pretend they earn money when in reality they just got fucked; that’s the problem. Geez…

      • This particular woman isn’t pretending, and she isn’t dishonest or bullied when the only dishonest person in the conversation (fake Arab) tries to blackmail and bully her. If the spirit of this site is to expose dishonesty in the sex trade, this post is an epic fucking backfire, as it’s devolved into pure misogyny. Someone hates the fact that he can’t afford to fuck the most expensive whores on Earth and is lashing out.

      • Why exactly is it a problem for you if women lie about their source of funds? How does that disadvantage you in any way?Nah, like someone else said on here, this just stinks of guys who know they aren’t attractive/rich enough themselves to pull instagram models gettiing pissy about it.

  11. is this twat the reason that the ig is down

  12. This trolling just shows up the guys who are doing it, more than it shows up the women. It shows that the guys have too much time on their hands, and seriously, if they are supposed to be doing this as some sort of "moral crusade", surely there are better things to crusade about than girls selling sex on instagram?Its not as if most of the girls even fully fall for it – they never say "yes" to the risky/really dirty stuff. And they are all clearly guarded because they know the "arab" hasn’t put up any money so could just be trolling.

  13. hey tagthesponsor ,,, ignore the haters!!! I am a big fan of your guys work!! do not quit you have fans out there that REALLY appreciate what you do!!! keep it up I am spreading the love <3

  14. She actually made you all look bad. Muhammad is the one that ended coming off desperate as fuck. Not sure why you guys would even post this one.

  15. Ahahahahahahaha lord save us from these delusional hoes.

  16. ISIS?????lol…..this bitch has made my night. Really? So dumb. This girls are sick for sure?!!!

  17. Damn, now if my man cheated on me it better be with some model looking chick! Do guys really pay for this?

  18. When are you guys coming back to IG??????


  20. That dubai.abdullah and sam al marouf accounts are fake… ur pathetic guys

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