The winners are in!

We randomized the emails we received from those who are attending our event tomorrow. As promised, we would announce the winners a day before the event. If your email is on here, email us immediately with your full name, DOB and a number where to reach you. Make sure to email us from the same email you used to get your ticket, or forward us your confirmation email.

For the @Lunatic_living get away:
For the @Lunatic_living get away:
For the element jet get away:
For the element jet get away:

Both getaways will be departing from Miami in the morning. And returning from Los Angeles Sunday morning.  

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  1. Just emailed you guys!!!!

  2. Kamila Kostka @kamilakos is back on Instagram and she’s still a nasty little tart 😀

  3. You posted people’s personal emails? That is bad form, you people are amateurs.

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