Why being a whiteknight doesn’t work.

Let me explain to you why whiteknighting doesn’t work, why you’re only taken as a joke when you put these social media non-accomplished “models” on a high horse.

 Putting women on a pedestal makes her metaphorically look down on your value and masculinity. Don’t do this, make her look up to you instead.

 Women desire to talk UP to men, they want to be impressed by men. They only talk down to men they feel are beneath them.

 Real women do not want to be put on a pedestal, women inherently are disgusted by talking down to men, this destroys attraction in all forms. Notice how it’s usually the ones going no where who are pretentious.

 Why do women like “jerks”? Simple really, they LEAD, they dont put women on a pedestal, they dominate. These are very masculine traits.

 Modern men are unfortunately conditioned that women will love them out of pity and apologism for submitting to them. Never works, ever.

 Remember, don’t be a sheep. Be an alpha, betas never make it anywhere. At last, the guy who’s pounding your #Wcw is not commenting or liking her pics. Chances are he might now even follow her.



Stay hydrated.



Inspired by ( @AJA_Cortes) tweets. 

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  1. LOL! Tag the Sponsor admins were white knights at one point, then got bitter that these pretty girls kept ignoring them & are now seeking revenge on all girls that remind them of the ones they were rejected by. Poor babies!!!!! Bitter, anonymous, hiding rejects! Lol. 🙂

  2. My point of view is slightly different – women really want to be equal and be treated equally. We don’t need you guys to put us on the pedestal – at the end of the day it is you who have to lead our family. The role of a woman is to be the neck while you guys are the head – admit it, you too sometimes need a bit of direction. I just wanted to say that we are only happy when the love we give is returning, not when we love and we are in return treated the way your ego tells you to treat us.. Believe it or not but there are women who don’t like ‘jerks’ and those women are the right ones – the ones that will always fall for a good guy!

  3. Having a man take your side and fighting for you is very much alpha and a turn on. Or do you believe that alpha males don’t protect their women? Like lol you have no idea what you are saying stop please

    • Agree completely. Especially since they are referring to all these Instagram women. Most women aren’t posting boob and butt pics of themselves on social media. This post about alpha males and Instagram women is pot calling the kettle black,

  4. I seriously lol at those comments below, because of you defenders and whiteknights those girls have a higher ego than the burj khalifa, but keep doing you thing, you peasants are making it only easier for me 😉

  5. Real women don’t want or like men who are "jerks". In my opinion, the women who fall for jerks have daddy/insecurity issues. I wouldn’t classify any of the insta "models" aka hookers as real women. They all have devalued their worth as women.

  6. I’m a girl and I agree with this post…I do fall for the jerks because they’re the only dominant ones left! #whathappenedtoalphas #takenoverbybetas #whywhywhy

    • You’re correct in saying you’re a girl. A "woman" not so much.

      • And what are you implying? Just because I like to have a man who knows how to put me in my place from time to time shouldn’t devalue me in any way. Besides, I have no reason to take offence from someone who specifically comes onto a website and types hate comments under a username that suggests boredom. What a great way to spend your time. Yawn

  7. Please stop talking. The author of this post (and this website in general) gets no pussy and it is painfully obvious. Also, running out of content much?

  8. Hahaha. So true. Bitches be getting them alpha fucks and them beta bucks. But of course most guys are too stupid or just stuck in denial to admit it. Plus I love how it infuriates women who of course through their whining get their men to do everything for them.

  9. You been trawling through hoes too long. Quit spewing this war between sexes nonsense, it perpetuates rape culture.

  10. One of these white knights insisted that I love him out of pity. He stalked me for years because I don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t respect himself. This shit gotta stop.

  11. Lol you got issues and absolutely no clue about male/female dynamics. Please stop talking.

  12. Honey, you have a lot of growing up to do. If you often find yourself in a position of liking a girl who doesn’t like you back because she likes a jerk instead then maybe the problem is with you, not with women in general. And no, the problem isn’t that you’re not "jerk" enough, the problem is that you like the wrong kind of women

  13. See this is my issue with this site. Ima dude and this is the most misogynistic women hating b.s that makes my life harder. Women think that men hate them all cuz of shit like you losers. Just as women like jerks, you guys love the kind of whore that get posted on your site. You spend years in HS banging them and voting them prom queen, buying them $10 roses on valentines day and for what? We get in our 20s and unless you got stacks you are not going to get their time.Take it from a former HS quarterback folks we created these monsters. And the smart decent looking girls? the " just friends" now we’re all scrambling to find them but their already taken. Instead of wasting your life jerking off to exposes these chicks learn what difference between women and hoes are. when i am out at a bar or club I no longer go for the prettiest most attention seeking girl in the room. Instead of hating women, get to know ACTUAL women with brains in their heads and not the dumb ass hoes you expose on a weekly bases.

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