Who remembers the first few times we posted Taz Angels? Everyone went apeshit defending them. That they made legit money by hosting clubs and promos. We were told that we didn’t know shit and that none of them were ever caught with anyone, and never been sponsored. Welp. This is not the type of booking she was looking for.

Looks like the #ProCockSquatter got caught redhanded. Her pussy value just decreased by 78%. I bet her sugar walls got more mileage than Charlie sheens dick. #ThatsOneSelfieSheWontBePostingOnInstagram #WhenYouActPretentiousButThePussyForEverybody #IToldYa #Hoeconomics #HoecialStudies #Hoelogy #TagTheSponsor

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  1. She does not look sad, embarrassed or upset at all in the mug shots.

  2. assorted roses indeed

  3. Can someone explain how Taz Angels works? What do you do, DM one of the girls after they do a post, and then go from there?

  4. She hasn’t been a taz angel in about 2 years

  5. Are you guys gonna tell us who got your IG deactivated ? Curious.

  6. So do the tag angels post their list price on their homepage or do you have to dm them to get their list price? if not does anyone know what their going rate is?

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