Instagram models

98.4% of Instagram models are lazy narcissistic megalomaniacs leeches. Likes don’t determine your self worth, nor that selfie in Mohammed’s Jet. But their attitude isn’t nearly as repulsive as the beta males who partake in the thirst and put these silicone buckets on a high horse.

Stay hydrated my friends. We will try to make 2016 more about intellect and less about looks. #NoWonderTheseBitchesHave30FollowersOnTwitterButHalfAMillionOnIG #ShutUpAndLookPretty #ComeHereAndSquatOnThisCock #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Your own thirst and misogynistic jealousy is painfully obvious and really quite embarrassing at this point. Please stop.’I’m out’. how old are you? Cringe.

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