Lmao whoever sponsored these #TurkeySandwhiches has 0 chill. Sponsor really put them in a smallest room at the Marriott and made all three of them bitches share a bed ?. Oh and they’re  Dominican with 938 surgeries, So you already know they selling ass and queefing hookah smoke.

What are you three hoes doing in a hotel room in your own city?

Lmao waiting for that retired military gringo to come in and pee on all three of these birds. #IfYouKnowYouKnow #TagTheSponsor

@wendygonzalez1010 got some explaining to do

Ps. These are upscale sponsorettes to Dominican Republic standards. These go for about 200-500 a night. They’re on a strict diet of dewards whisky and passion fruit hookah. Chances are they have 9 kids from 10 different fathers. On the plus side, they are known to be good cooks. So once you bust that nut get ready for a bomb ass magu. (Google it). I’m out.

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  1. heres the sponsorhttps://www.instagram.com/joelcastillo7d7n/

  2. Lmao. Hit em them with the Turkey Sandwich tag. That was my line I hit u guys with and you loved it on your OG page. Been trying to follow the new page but haven’t made the cut! KingJames8423

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