Chelsrachelle_fit changed to vegasdimepiece

“Hello tag team today we have a fitness girl. Same as usually. She saw my riches and liked my images. This time she actually contacted me sending me photographs. she farted for me. I send you the video. Very simple.”


Sam.. Stop making these women fart. I’m starting to think you’re really into that shit. Thanks. 

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  1. ?? that was easy..

  2. Where’s the video?! Lolll

  3. Lmaoo these hoes carting for money now a days ??


  5. So she’s been burned before? Professional trollop indeed. Whatever happened to get an education and funding your own lifestyle???

  6. Never gets old hah

  7. That’s hotel where she is taking the pics… Two twin beds a nightstand in between and the general art. Fucking Vegas street rat. These fake bitches come here a spread their STD’s like butter. Don’t let me run into these bitch here. Sick

  8. hahaha. epic AF!!

  9. This is pure gold hahahaha

  10. I wann see the vid! lol

  11. Gotta see that video

  12. LOL, that’s a nice one.

  13. Asked for more money but was budget shopping the flights

  14. Show it!! Show it!!

  15. Bihh ain’t got no shame lol! She wants a sugar daddy and ain’t shy about it. I want to see hat video tho!! Tagteam, let’s reach 50.

  16. There needs to be a fart compilation video at the end of the year ?

  17. This is just a basic girl. No one’s wcw. Of course a nobody would be this thirsty

    I wanna see 10k follower+ ig girls get exposed

    Or did we run out

  18. I have great things to look forward to on my way to being a sponsor.

  19. Jajajajajajaja por puta!

  20. Lord I don’t know why I want to see the video but I do….

  21. "young wemen" LOL

  22. Hahahahahaha

  23. Always with the farting! Cmon Sam hahaha

  24. I think Imma be in that fetish soon as well reading all these stories?

  25. why do i want to see this video?

  26. Some girls and what money will make them do lol

  27. Fitness model huh?

  28. I second the fart compilation video idea hahaha!!

  29. On IG they look happiest people on earth and blessed (what ever the fuck that means) but inside so fucked up smh

  30. You know why I’m here


  32. Doooo iiiitttttt!

  33. Approaching 50. Let’s see this skank break wind

  34. 44, we just need 6 more comments!

  35. I love this site. It’s so real and honest

  36. she is a 4/10 c’mon

  37. I’m crying laughing lets get the video

  38. That’s 50, he didn’t say no repeats. ???

  39. Where is the video

  40. The guy who is exposing these hoes is fake. SamAlMarouf, I just reversed searched all of his photos and videos and that nigga is faker than Dan Bilzerian’s watch.

  41. All signs point to her as a professional sex worker. She didn’t ask what those fetishes are and stressed she is nasty. Most girls would not be OK with those or at least would have questions. Maybe she even tracked down this Sam guy for this purpose, God knows, any man would have to pay big to get a normal girl to do the gross things he talks about- pooping, peeing, inserting live fish up the ass (really???), farting, and whatever this one talks about.

  42. I’m new to tag the sponsor can someone explain, samalmarouf and dubai.abdullah are real people or not? Are their pictures of themselves or just taken of the internet? Or are the accounts just totally fake to catch instahoes? And who is running this blog?

  43. Binfakin Hummus Farter

    Next thing Sam should do is make them Queef. I’ve just invented a new fetish too as salmon is so 2015- Shelling. It involves putting a snail up ones rectum, without the shell obviously. Let’s have some new sponsors too, the Arabs are boring now. Texas oil barons or soccer players please!

  44. You do know that one can die from inserting a snail up a rectum. please be careful guys.

  45. IwishIcouldsponsor Chicks

    She gave up the goods, what a ho.

    SamAlMarouf you da only Momo I’d go homo for

  46. Ahh man I fucking love this site!!

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