New segment called #FatherYourDaughters will be posted once a week.

Our first #Trollop that lacks fatherhood goes to @mandyybynes

This turkey sandwich posted this on her Twitter for bragging rights or like some sort of trophy. What if the roles were reversed? Where my online-feminists at? I’d like to hear what you have to say about this one.

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  1. Being a shallow, ugly, unkind person has nothing to do with feminism or equality. This woman is a horrible person.

  2. You guys on here have to check out a big time hooker on Instagram. STEPHYSCOLARO such a ho

  3. Guys check @AlinaLuxe. Cheap whore pretending to work in PR. Her insta is very entertaining

  4. Check Bella Tatarian

  5. Check @kellbrookevans

  6. Bitch went private real quick ! What a cunt

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