Devon Michelle

“Here is @devonmichelleee started to follow me. Liked a few of my images. I went to her page and she has a huge booty. I was like nice I like very much. As I always do I went to her DM and told her I wanted to bring her to me. This was surprising to me that she was compromised. Hope you enjoy. Btw can you guys send me a free shirt?” 


This is terrible. But I liked it. (Not the second video. That shit was weird. No pun intended). Send us your address we’ll send you a few things. 

1st video with with a dildo

2nd video she farts twice  

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  1. Lmaoo! This shit is too funny!

  2. Oh mang the vid is funnier bitxh got fuck ! U savages lol

  3. whoever own this site is a jerk and if you have a daughter someone will film her and put it online and before you say i wont rase a hoe bitch it could be a boyfriend or even husband what do you know about this world

    thats mean leave these girls alone yall just hate yourselfs nobody who is happy hurts others no matter whator who they are,

    notbody is better than anybody else

    karma gonna get you

    • and the losers who fake message these girls and sending it in karma will definitely get you too

      maybe alredy has even with all ur daddys money ur still a evil lonesome gaylord

      fix yourselfs people !!!

      • Karma? Lol

        • loser I speak 4 languages and i can spell too but sence your a gaylord filled with shit i dont make effort for you. oh i mean you’re!!! you stupid jerk

          i live in a very nice area in a big wonderful home with a family who loves me and 3 dogs

          and im not a hoe your a hoe

          but so what if i did how dose that even affect what i was saying you stupid evil empty soulless asshole

          karma is still going to get you and you will probably end up in the ghettoest projects with shit in ur face

          i pity you

    • By your language I can tell you either live in the projects or you’re in welfare. Thanks. You broke hoe

  4. Y’all need to shut this stupid page down. No one cares

  5. I wanna see the videooos! Any chance you’ll post them online?

  6. Whores never cease to amaze me

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