Do nothing bitch kit

 #NeverForget ?? Soon as men see that big clear jug and that italic @ProteinWorld handwriting we know  right off the bat she has horrible credit (600 or less), about 67k followers (give or take 20k depending on hoeness), excessive gym posts with minimal fitness knowledge, a kid who don’t see his father, a car that’s about 12k miles past needed oil change and a roast beef vagina that’s been ran thru by every athlete or baller within a 50 mile radius of whatever major Metropolis city she is closest to. Reposting the shit out of these products cuz she really hurting for that $100 a post these weak companies give them.  Sound about right fellas?? It’s almost too easy/frequent to spot these days ??? #TheBreakdown #GregoryGreensFact #ProteinWorld #FitTea #Hoeciology #Hoerithmatic #HoeScience???? #FitnessModel This message has been brought to you by the #RealNiggasAssociationOfAmerica ✊??? a group of distinguished gentleman on a quest to expose all fuckery for the world to see. #RNAA ™@gregorygreens@tagthesponsorofficial

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  1. Nooooo I love her. That’s Paige Hathaway. I think she totally makes a living legitimately by being so big in the fitness industry. Although I totally get what your saying with all the other "models".

  2. Noooo that’s Paige Hathaway who has a fake ass and is a rep for the shitties supplement company on the face of the earthy

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