User submitted: To the left original on her page that’s geotagged in Vegas. There are a few more too but all similar. This one claims to be all natural which in the fitness industry, is rare nowadays. Anyway, she neglects to mention how this photo was taken when she did a week long stint with Dan in Vegas and his other hoes (Mabelyn Capeluj aka Miss CA included). I think he’s all for show and is just an act, but he def does pay chicks and has even contacted me which I refused. You’ll never see her acknowledge that she was topless on his rented plane and did God knows what for what little money he gave her. Her pics are on his page, but not vice versa. I wish someone would call her out already, her pretentious attitude is so annoying at this point and I’m sick of people idolizing this chick who clearly moonlights as an escort.

I can testify the submitter is smoking ?

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  1. She looks natural to me – regardless of the fact the EVERY industry, not just fitness, is tainted with people using surgical enhancements it shouldn’t be assumed on people just because they may have a more developed physique than what you’re used to seeing. Her glutes look natural. Didn’t even bother looking at her boobs there’s no reason to call her out on "fake boobs" every second girl has them lol

  2. rented plane? why does everyone say he’s so paid.. like obviously he has some money.. but really really his page kills me. the things these hoes do, and he has one "main GF". call me stupid, but none of it makes sense to me. plus he is not cute.. they all need to quit all this nastiness.

  3. Her butt is real, for a fact because you can tell in the video where she’s playing basketball. A bunch of my friends have fake asses so I would definetly be considered an expert. And if you’re gonna call her out for being too less on a plane, then let’s just toss Kate hoe ass Compton into the mix, who’s on his page naked. So I mean lets level the playing field.

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