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  1. I’m waiting for you all to approve my follow request on Ig @cloudyinlv I’m sick and tired of these kind of hoes. I want to join the movement of exposing these idiots. I live in Las Vegas and see this in the thousands. I’m a hard working 35 year old woman mother of two. And I’ve never slept my way to the top. I have a career in executive management. Pls approve me and I’ll be your extra eyes.

    • Sadly, men like the tagthesponsor founder pretend that all they want is a nice and hardworking woman who is kind and helpful/ loving, but in reality they don’t. Women like us are too average looking, too "old", and too boring for them to have an mocodium of interest in what we have to say or do. We don’t look like models and therefore we are not even considered women.

  2. you know how they bait little fish to catch the big fish, well the smell is reeling them in. or a cheaper way to douche… either way, close your legs hoe!

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