therealspina14 aka the scammer

This is not our niche but we like to help fans from time to time:


My name is Alan and I’m @ab_973 on Instagram. A big fan of your page and reaching out to you with a story to blog about. There is a guy that goes by @therealspina14 on Instagram, everyday featured on a different Hiphop celebrity or athletes page even actors. My friend was supplying him with all the sneakers and this is the story. @therealspina14 scammed @lmp8519 at his store @retrokicks in Paterson nj and at his warehouse @retropair. He built his trust with us for the past 3 years, he would always come and buy kicks from us spending thousands of dollars, Christmas time Scotty came to our store @retrokicksnj and spent in 4 different transactions anywhere from 2-6 k  totalling $23,000 on shoes that he gave away for free or a 1/5th of the cost to celebrities in exchange for an Instagram shoutout. he would purchase all expensive sneakers, he paid with his credit card and no problem it went through. The money cleared in our account we received the money and then a month later he filled charge backs and disputes saying he never got the shoes. He made a fake email from us saying we don’t have the shoes and submit it to the credit card company. He has been scamming many other people the same way he scammed us. He also has a group of young kids that wait in lines for him with a promise that he’d give them commission for sneakers and then tell them he made no money on the celebrities and there is no commission.

Below are some screenshots of proof, texts back and fourth and credit card disputes. As well as a credit card in his name. Also you can see who the @therealspina14 is I’m sure you have seen him on different celebrity pages.

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  1. Who the fuck cares. Grow a pair and deal with your own shit.

  2. Nobody cares about this ghetto drama nonsense. Stick to the topic of this site. If you’re spending thousands on SNEAKERS then you are a mental retard, period.

  3. Why is it when TTS does a good thing and is equal in showing dick squatters and douche bags, ya’ll throw a fit when its negativity about men. Yall stop being misogynist fags this dude is a broke ass chump that wants to act like a baller but doesn’t have the money. He’s the male version of these trollips acting like models. He’s acting like something he fo damn sure ain’t. Thanks TTS for showing both sides of morons who live through the internet.

  4. Yes this site seems super sexist. I know a multitude of dudes who constantly post pics of the high life, with girls all over them and dope parties. In fact all they do is scam everyone to the point that they’ll lie cheat and steal from their good friends who actually make a living to post a nice pic on Instagram and gain followers. Scam those dudes into conversations about 30k for a shit on his chest and they’ll offer to come for half as much and bathe in the stuff. Are male prostitutes welcome too or is this site all about dissing girls? I have a long list of assholes like this if interested.

  5. It’s true- men are IG fame whores too and just as fake with the "lives" they post. I don’t know how they all- both male and female- don’t realize how pathetic they look thirsting after followers and thinking it makes them look like they are somebody special. IG is NOT real fame or real life and most people with a brain aren’t buying that BS anyway.

  6. We want more men whores!!!

  7. Tag the sponsors is all about exposing fakes and posers regardless of gender or how they go about it. It just so happens that most girls choose the hooker route and guys like this scumbag use alternate methods. If your bitching about this post then you obviously are too stupid to get what the tag team is all about.

  8. the only reason girls go the hooker route move often is because they get offered it more often. I bet anything if these scumbags got offered as much money to travel to woman equivalents of your decoy sponsors they’d do way worse things for way less. only way to find out? you know what to do haha!

  9. Fuck this douche bag, his life is pathetic. Keep exposing these fakes too.

  10. richard kilmister

    Messing with black peoples money will get you hurt.

  11. that’s why we don’t accept American Express.. they refund m, no questions asked.

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