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Hi Tag

And hello to all fans of this page

I myself have been a huge fan of tag the sponsors

Some times ago i thought somethings were missed on this page

All people report the girls who are not really famous or they have few followers on Instagram maybe max 200k

So i want to show you guys the most interesting reports from famous girls who have more than 1 million followers or they are already famous in modelling world or famous actresses …

I can sell these photos in black market and then you can find it on Dailymail but i myself have my own money so i like to enjoy these reports with you guys

This time i wanna report:

@Daninhalove with 371k followers

@Nadinne_doll with 204k followers(she is @Daninhalove’s sister) 

@Rafaelaravena with 339k followers( she is their friend)

I offered them 60k$

Although they’re pro but three girls in one report, also they have almost 300k followers so i thing its good for me to start with these girls

Hope all you guys enjoy it, and don’t get fooled by their high followers profiles as you can buy their bums with your money even girls with more than a mil followers, i’ll show you guys in in future posts with all proves that you guys can trust these reports

Thanks to my brothers in @Tagthesponsors

(*Pls upload the photos by numbers that people can understand the process*)

From J.J

To be continued…

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