Let’s analyze this. “The aftermath”. I’m guessing this was taken while she paraded around doing the walk of shame. Barefoot. Probably got kicked out the sponsors house. She slid over to the sponsors garage and told her coked up dehydrated friend to snap a picture of the “greatest night of her life”. Probably means, she guzzled free expensive champagne, snapchatted 736 hours of video to humble brag about being with an affluent crowd, got sold dreams, and maybe, just maybe an uber black back to her 2 star hotel. Highly doubt it though. Analyzing the picture she doesn’t sell pussy as a full time job. But definitely will soon. No professional would ever pose barefoot wearing a 12 dollar forever21 skirt and a 7 dollar h&m tank. She’s going through the phase where she’s evolving from being a bottle rat at the club, to actually being taken out of the club and fucked just because she sees shiny things. Soon she’ll realize she can get more than a few glasses of ace, and clean up her Instagram feed. Well check up on this one in 3-4 months. Where we’ll see upgraded threads, the inconspicuous luxury car head tilt, and red bottoms.  #BlessUp #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Her feet are so big she could trample cabbage in two barrels at once

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