Instagram models are taking so many L’s in 2016. They should partner up with meek mill. This is the third Instagram bird that has gone to jail this month. And they’re all trying to do the same, hustle from a prison cell. Which we don’t knock. Cool, get your money to buy cup noodles or whatever. But what happened to all your sponsors? What happened to being a “baller bitch”. On yachts, jets, first class and foreign cars. You’re telling us that your “work hard play hard” captions were all full of shit? All that “work” and “hustle” ya bragged about, didn’t save up one penny? Can’t get anymore obvious than this. If the bird is locked up so is the pussy and the sponsors arent putting out if they’re not getting their balls deflates. So when you see her with nice purses and head tilt selfies in the Ferrari, know that who ever is driving is getting that ass. These hoes better start auctioning off their red bottoms and purses on eBay to get that commissary money. This is funny and sad at the same time, the true colors of these fake ballers are coming to light. You can afford a 30k flight to Dubai on Emirates but can’t afford an attorney? Hold this L Angie Vuha 

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  1. Let me say I love your website. It’s quite entertaining.

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