TagTeamMember: “It’s been forever since I submitted anything 🙂 I can confirm the above model is slingin poon. She only gets a few runway shows a year, not nearly enough to support her lifestyle. The first time she few to Dubai a few years ago, she posted a pic of flight status from a Emirates economy class tv monitor on FB, but deleted it when she posted her business class flight back #redflag Worst part, she asked a friend of mine if she could stay with her because she was homeless, literally living out of her suitcase in NY. My friend agreed and the girl made a mess and left her ratchet weave in her sink. Also hangs her weave in the bathroom to airdry. Nasty ass house guest. When she kicked her out, she eventually payed her back by fucking her ex. Real piece of work this one.” Lol  

Check out the Hellen Keller quote on the Trollops picture. The only thing she has in common with Hellen Keller is they both go on blind dates. Except Hellen doesn’t get any hummus

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  1. https://www.instagram.com/allexandragrace/

    Another one!!!

    No known income…

    Posts half naked pictures with pretentious crap…

  2. What a wig!

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