Jeny kumpusa


She looks like every generic “fashion/MUA/Whore for hire” Instagram model. Where’s the individuality? Same pose, same ash dyed hair, clothes, angles, and edits. Still no idea what she does, but let’s not hope she doesn’t think she’s a stylist with that bland look that she probably picked up from a forever 21 look book or the do’s and donts from a mid 2000s vice magazine section. #ImNoExpertButTheOutfitsDontMatchTheAccessories #NewToWhoring #YetToReachSocialMediaProRankings #OnceSheReaches10kThePussyRateWillSkyRocket #WhatDoYouDoForALivingAndWhatAreWeBookingYouFor #YouPseudoHipsterBird #PersonalityDisorder #WhosBuyingYouFancyThingsAllOfASudden #WitchoDustyAssHair #LookingLikeLarryTheCEOBustedANutOfDustOnYoShit #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Yes “she” is tranny. I have seen that “surprise” he has;)

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