Escort Sunday’s are back!

Most of you might remember when we were doing a weekly segment called Escort Sundays. We had an Instagram model / escort as an admin who would write for us telling her stories and experiences with sponsors. Well, we are bringing it back. Here are the answers for some of the questions you guys asked:


Q: @DjCrunchtime, “where did the phrase “Trollop” come from?”.

A: honestly I had never even heard that word before connecting with @Tagyoursponsor,but, I think the word kinda sounds re-fuckin-tarded to be honest. To each is own.  1) A loose woman who gives a false impression of innocence or sexual naivete

2) A derogatory term implying loose morals, generally due to a violation of confidence.
3) A very scantily-clad woman.
4) A woman who plays innocent like she don’t have sex and she don’t like cock, but in reality, sleeps with every dude she lays eyes on. Says things before engaging in a one-night tryst like :”I don’t want you to think I am a whore.” 5) An Instagram model with a booking email, that in reality sells pussy but is fraudulent in trying to prove everyone her “career” funds the lavish lifestyle.


Q: @Mace222, “Ever get in a situation where shit is about to happen and you’re like “yeah, I shouldn’t have done this.”.
A: yeah man definitely. My life was like a movie (I know that sounds clichè) but it’s true. I came across so many different personalities. I’ve had a few where I was just regretted ever taking them. But when you’re focused on the money you just tough it out and keep cool.
Q: @DoYouEvenLift1994, “How far is too far…or is it even a issue as long as the price is right? Also, did you invest shit so you don’t have to keep taking shit?”
A: ” in my opinion the only “too” fars i can think of is anything where there isn’t any protection involved (never did anything bareback, my body is my business and I treated it that way.) or like anyone wanting to defecate on me, or anything where there’s breaking of the skin (i.e.: torture play or suffocation etc.) I’m a Scorpio so I’m pretty much down for mostly anything. But def not anything. And as far as investing yes I was able to put up money for my home that I live in now. And I’m planning on opening a steakhouse brewery within the next 5 years with my boyfriend and his family.”
Q:@FocusedEnergy, “what celebs have you slept with.”
A: none. And if I did I wouldn’t tell, that’s not how I get down.”
Q:@PhillySoul78 “ever been shitted on?”
A: “no, but I did have a client or two leave skid marks on my sheets. It’s the nastiest shit ever. “
Q: @CityWhips “youngest and oldest you’ve slept with.”
A: “probably early 20’s and the oldest was 63, old black dude. He was weird, wanted to fuck in the dark n shit, he had thick ass sideburns that made him look like muthafuckin Count Nigg-ula or some shit. He surprisingly was able to do his thang without any issue.”
Q:@NADZZXMCM “Tell them I said have some dignity, self worth & self respect, that’s a stain you will carry all your life….Hoes man anything for the buck.”
A: Don’t ever in your life,EVER, tell someone what they should do with “THEIR” life. Focus on your own. What I have going on over here LITERALLY doesn’t affect you at all, at some point you have to step back a really open your eyes and see that I don’t owe you anything. People aren’t looking for your opinion on their life especially without permission. I am a very smart, humble, genuine person who minds her own business and is never quick to pass judgment,  please learn to do the same.

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