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  1. Sam, I want to talk to you, find me . By the way , this girl voscillatee is married. She is not a virgin.

  2. I hope the beta white Knight husband finds this site haha

  3. Married? You’re joking. She just graduated from high school and has boyfriend.She is too young to be trollop, or rather fully developed trollop. She’ll start her first year in college this October. Probably she’ll learn #hoeciology at #bottleRatAcademy, but maybe not. This slap in her face, when she is still young, maybe will taught her about selling pussy and the internet.

  4. the fun part is – she is still in high school. In Poland you graduate only when you’re 19. I’m sure her headmaster is proud!

  5. i am polish myself, but what in the name of Lord Jesus is her mother/grandfather/hag-pimp wearing in the background? Shit looks like its from 1956. Polish hoes flooding instagram.

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