Francesca M Ricci Thatgirlfmr (changed to, shes_thatgirll) and erin_budina

“Hello TagTeam this girl Francesca M Ricci you have posted before because her profile had some redflags. I decided to follow her. This proves all the sponsorette stereotypes. She’s from Miami, “models”and Used to be a bottle girl at a club and now whores full time. I commented on a pic of her and told her to DM me. She also mentioned Erin Budina wanting to squat on hummus also. Enjoy ”  -Sam 

She talks too much.  

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  1. Erin Budina ? third time on tagthesponsor stupid trashy hooker ? It cracked me up when this dumbo said" I’m a smart business woman I worked as a bottle girl"?? You dumb skank

  2. This girls seems so sweet and trusting and genuine. Its fucked up to post these types of chicks actually..

  3. Does anyone know if the live salmon is a real thing? Do people actually do that? Every time I read that on here I can’t help wonder why the girls don’t get that they are being set up, It’s so bizarre.

    • TagTheSponsor, please don’t use the "salmon" thing (sorry for my English because I’m learning English) in conversations. Because I’m interested in medicine and know a lot of doctors, I know that mentally sick people reading these things might do something bad to salmons! Please don’t, I hope I won’t see it on here anymore, because I know you won’t delete these parts. I respect you but it’s a danger and a risk saying stuff about it to these women and then putting them on here, I know right it’s to check what the women would say about it, but please, listen to me and do it for salmons because those are ANIMALS and somebody mentally sick/abused may easily read or head about the things appearing in the messages and do same things or even worse. Thank you.

    • I really want to know this too, can somebody please answer?? why do they believe it and why do these guys say it do they really like it? haha answers pleaaaaase

  4. erin budina. not surprised. and friend with probably the trashiest hooker of them all mia cortinez

  5. Lmfao! Dumbass trick! Below- ellie: get the fuck out of here!!! Genuine hoe you mean.

  6. Kinda felt bad for her, she sounds the most genuine.

    • Me too. Maybe this will make her change her ways. It sounds like she had a decent upbringing and she can get a job. It is sad that she has chosen this pretend to be a model, really a hooker, lifestyle.

  7. What a slut.

  8. But she didn’t agree to anything except sex and even then she was laughing

    • You keep commenting from the same IP address using different names. You know we can see that right? Simmer down Francesca

  9. She’s a stripped at wonderland RI

  10. SponsoretteRemoval

    OP check this girl:

    sponsorette in disguise, hit her up.

  11. Hummus happens…. Que se dice Frankie

  12. Erin Budina is a giant whore. My god. I will say she is legitimately the only hooker ever posted here who even gave a hint that she herself is disturbed by having to hook. She said she grew up with a lot of money and now she has to "do things" to survive. That made me pity her a little. These hoes are usually so hardened to everything. It seems she’s not there yet. Still time to get out Francesca! You don’t really want to be about that thot life, do you?

  13. Erin Budina from Wales who now lives in London is one of the most disgusting escorts I’ve seen. 0 class at all, trying to promote herself as elite when she is down with the hood niggas and gangatas. Erin bitch so nasty she will lick a mans butthole

  14. I will be there….you know…right after christmas

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