Rachel Bush is lying about the Lebron James DM she screenshot

Remember when we posted this YUNG bird a few months ago? Agreeing to go to Dubai, then claimed she was joking in her dorm with her friends. Anyways, earlier today she posted this on her Twitter. We can tell your father didn’t love you if you’re out here fabricating this type of shit. Just to get shine off someone else’s name. Alright, let’s break it down.  1. When someone DMs YOU, Their message comes up on top. Not the bottom. 2. This means she messaged him first. 3. She cropped the DM where it supposed to show the grey scroll back on the side. 4. This means she scrolled down and held it to take a screenshot to hide what she typed. How do we know this? We deal with 100s of DMs sent to us daily.

Conclusion: She DMd him first. He replied after a while, she sent a message back and he never got to her. She deleted her message after it showed it was “seen” and took a screenshot and posted it online to flex. Had she not reply to him, the screenshot should’ve either had the ACCEPT or DENY check and X mark when someone initially DMs you. Or atleast had his message all the way ok the top if he was the one that reached out. @rachelbush you’re not fooling anyone. 

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