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  1. fuckin hilarious.

  2. I can not believe this. I know her personally and wonder who made her do this.

  3. also just look at her passport and how she looks now. the bitch is like 90% plastic, probably paid for from all the shit she’s done. come on guys, they’re hookers. let’s not pretend people are viewing them as any more than that

  4. love this site so much 😀 just make sure to be careful about videos because of the recent revenge porn law crap.

    makes you realise how low the value of a hot woman is that they’re willing to sell themselves like that lol

  5. Wauwwwwwwwwww hahahahahhaahhahahaahhahahah discustingggggggggg fucking cheap as hoessssssssssssssss

  6. Sheikh Hassan Maghrebi

    Good job Sheikh Ali

  7. OMG She worked at Zara in Utrecht/TheNetherlands !!!

    • Holy shit you are right dude… she did look familiar ahahaha, I wonder if she still works there. Might pay a visit with some money.

  8. omg yes she did work in Zara very arrogant person… feel very bad for her….

    • Shes a fu cking pedophile, and arrogant according to you, I DON’T FEEL BAD FOR HER. Would you feel bad for a 26 year old man agreeing to bang a 13 year old girl? Get the fu ck outta here bro

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