Ekaterina Zueva is too expensive! @zuueva

“I came across this super mega bird on my Instagram. She does look good, but wished the face matched the body. Anyways, I saw that this girl traveled the world. Luxury hotels, expensive cars, 5 star locations, fine dining. How does she afford it? I’ve yet to see one of her shoots being a campaign for a brand. The lifestyle wasn’t adding up. I had a yacht party and was doing some recruiting for Instagram pros (sponsorettes for clients). Decided to hit her up and offer her some cash for some dick squatting. She has a million followers, I’m guessing it’s hard to keep up because she sucks at replying at a normal rate (business must be good). Long story short, this girl is a pro. The whole time she beat around the bush and kept deleting her messages ans pretending to be naive. She told me to email her with details. I didn’t reply or screenshot the full convo in time and she deleted everything. The screenshots don’t show much, so you guys can draw to your own conclusions. What do you think?”

We think she’s a pro. Too obvious! But good on her not incriminating herself. Ps. Don’t write a paragraph! Cheers!

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