Saudi Prince Nawaf al-Saud sponsoring in turkey. 

Funny to see the women driving the jet skis. Check out Saudi Prince Nawaf al-Saud in #Turkey with his some sponsorettes, while women aren’t allowed 2 drive in his country. Insane isn’t it? I wonder if he found them on Instagram. Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (Son of the King) is also on the yacht.

He rented a luxurious yacht named “Desert Moon” for four days and flying British flag. The Saudi prince was accompanied by a great entourage of European supermodels. Scandalous paparazzi pictures of the Saudi prince dancing with naked Ukrainian girls while live music was played shocked Turkish public and media.
The Saudi profligate prince and his companions Swam in the dead of night due to security matters, enjoying all sorts of water sports and afterwards, the depraved guests were served with champagne and Russian caviar.
For the dinner, Prince Nawwaf invited his bevy of harlots to a fancy restaurant in Yalıkavak — 18 km away from Bodrum on the beautiful Turkish Aegean coast. In addition to restaurant bill which exceeded € 3700; the Prince wanted to display his immense affluence by leaving a € 500 tip to the waiter.
The cruise ship is 385 meters (1260 feet) in length and purportedly renting it for a period of one week would cost over €1 million. This magnificent yacht was designed and built three years ago in Portsmouth shipyard and has all the amenities of a royal life, e.g. swimming pool, a bar, spa facilities, a movie theater and two mini-submarines. This exquisite ship stores 220.000 Liters of fuel and can sail long distances without refueling. According to Cümhuriyet, the name of the original owner of “Desert Moon” is still shrouded in mystery for yet unknown reasons.
Prince Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz al-Saud was accompanied by Prince Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud–the Saudi young war minister — and eight bodyguards and thirteen Ukrainian models arrived at Milas–Bodrum Airport last Wednesday. Three Limousines took the Saudi princes to their rented palace and a convoy of Turkish security escorted the Saudi royalties.

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    Lindsay Lohan had an injury on a boat in Bodrum, late last month.

    Connect the dots…

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