Grace Macedo from Boston, MA aka Gracie Macedo @Gracieex0 is booked for Dubai for fetishes 

“What’s up tagthesponsor, this is Grece Macedo print model from Boston. I saw her Bio said to DM or email for business. I knew what that meant already hehe. I wanted some business with her so I went ahead and email. I booked her to Dubai to fulfil my fetishes and to make my 12 year old nephew a men. She made video for me ripping it hehe. Enjoy”



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  1. The video link is broken, can you fix it? Thanks

  2. Please please please delete this. This is not okay. You are posting her real name and ruining her life. Have a heart and take this down.

  3. Delete this please! She is a nice girl and doesn’t deserve this kind of humiliation. You have done your damage now please delete!!


  5. Wait this bitch made a video farting? Lmaoooooooooo


  7. You need to re-upload the video, also.

  8. And correct the title, brother. Her name is Grace Macedo, I believe, not Grece.


    DEU RUIM…..

  10. Post the video again please

  11. Easy money??? What about hard working huh?? Hahahahaha

  12. I’m laughing out loud while texting everyone this link. Only cause that fat whore Sarah talks too much shit for being a fat fuck. Sorry Gracie but you’re not worth that $ either.

  13. If you weren’t Sarah’s friend I wouldn’t send anyone this link. Sry

  14. Damnnnnn this how sarah be getting her money? DIDNT SHOW SHE WAS A PIMP

  15. Sarah aint got shit to do with you lame ass

  16. This is beyond fucked up. You people need to stop worrying about what the next one is doing and keep it moving.

    • We’re looking out for the future of our society by calling out those people whose loose morals and sense of dignity will lead other women and younger people down a path that does noone any good.

      Naming and shaming has worked for thousands of years for a very good reason.

  17. sarah is a pimp taking care of gacie and a bunch of hoes lol, this girls on her splizz page is all fucking dudes for cash, a bunch of escorts trying to tell people they are models ??? framingham finest aka dirty ham

  18. ^ sounds like you’re just mad and upset you wanted to smash one of them but you either ugly af and you dont have the funds to afford the service. Stay in your lane lol.

  19. Sarah “Splizz” has not released any comments in regards to or on this post. Anyone commenting under her alias is falsely stating to be her. You guys are idiots and this post is ridiculous. Get a life. Gracie your personal business is yours and no one else’s. Sarah I hope you don’t listen to the negativity.

  20. Sarah “Splizz” has not released any comments in regards to or on this post. Anyone commenting under her alias is falsely stating to be her. You guys are idiots and this post is ridiculous. Get a life. Gracie your personal business is yours and no one else’s. Sarah I hope you don’t listen to the negativity.

  21. Sarah probably doesnt even know about this. I dont understand why ppl are pretending to be her on here. & shes awesome.. any1 who knows her knows she doesnt “talk shit”. Humblest photog i’ve ever met

  22. Sarah probably doesnt even know about this. I dont understand why ppl are pretending to be her on here. & shes awesome.. any1 who knows her knows she doesnt “talk shit”. Humblest photog ive ever met

  23. Typical cheap whore. Her photos show she has no self respect anyways.

  24. Good job, keep exposing these degenerate, greedy sluts for the whole world to see

  25. Like every Instagram whore.
    Meritocracy, my ass!!

  26. So what if she slept with a 12 year old, He had to enjoy it order to be erect for the sex to work.
    This is no excuse to cyber bully a Female, she showed great bravery travelling to a foreign country all alone if anything she’s a hero

  27. Group chats of framingham

    So just to clarify, she did go and fart on the guys face and take the 12 year olds virginity or nah?

  28. changed your IG to gracie_x0

  29. bitches be crazy

    Link to the farting vid? I’ll pay you 100 keks if you post the link.

  30. No wonder they can go on expensive vacations all the time! Because @splizzphotography sponsoring these girls and making money by selling pussy and doing despicable shit. SMH. I’ve lost respect for them

  31. That was an insanely great fart, Gracie! LOL unbelievable

  32. Switched her insta again: x0_gracie

  33. Lmao how can someone be so gullible? being exposed for the cheap whore that she is. She keeps changing her Instagram name too hahaha x0_gracie congratulations you just played yourself lol nasty bitch

  34. great fart, from a loose asshole

  35. ___graciex0

    New Instagram
    Hoe can’t live without it

  36. Miss Brazil da bunda toda arrebentada no Dubai…Pior que uma puta do backpage LMAO

    • Todas essas putas a dar a bunda no IG , nos yachts, ilhars tropicais, por dinheiro que vao trabalhar. Vacas do caralho. Se nao quer trabalhar entao tem que ser exposed por a puta que fode por dinheiro que e………………………………….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  37. Hannnnnnnnnnnn

  38. This is crazy , I feel bad , everybody has their way of hustling, lol don’t knock her down for it

  39. ig@ g.raciex0 when are the porn videos coming

  40. Cheap whore lol, acts like shes all that but her asshole is all fucked up lol, model?? Nope that is a escort or prostitute ti be honest. I wonder if her family is proud of having a prostitute in the house lol. Congrats to sarah for running a escort service, i see that being a photographer is only a excuse to hide the fact that you are a pimp who promote this girl and many others, vacations and fancy parties all paid by people who is fucking gracie and all the other splizz prostitutes.

  41. First of all splizz ain’t shit, she ain’t smart enough to be “pimpin” anyone out, Gracie a dumb ass hoe who will do anything for a dollar, bitch smells like hard boiled eggs, she takes a few ass shots and gains a few followers and all of a sudden she thinks she’s Kim fucking Kardashian.
    You ain’t a model just cuz some chubby chick snaps picks of your ass.

    Stay in your lane boo boo

  42. The is awesome!!!! Heating up the popcorn and watching whores crash and burn. You dirty pigs showed get stoned to death in dubai. just sayng….YOUR DADDY SHOULD BE PROUD.

  43. Bloody pedophile!
    Should be sent to jail

  44. Hoes can’t live without the gram


  45. I’m stall dying at the fart hahahahaha

  46. Instaa gracieex0

  47. First of all all u people here are haters that eighther wish u looked as good as Gracie or have no fucking money to book her urself ! lmao
    Why should it concern Any of u what other people are doing if it doesn’t affect ur life personally !!! ?
    As of talking all that shit about Srah Splizzz ! How she fat and all that bullshit let’s see do u role in a car that great and luxurious?
    Do u live the plush life style she lives ?! Do you have any sorts of talent that will bring u up levels in life to secure ur spotlight and set u up for the rest of ur life?,!??? I’ll wait …!!! haters are always the ones that are broke ugly even fatter and losers that don’t got shyt !!!! Sarah is a hard working woman that helped her personal beautiful close friend to build her photography and try to move up in the world with her talent Now if those sexy friends of her decide to actually take their own paths and make choices for them selves then that is not on Sarah to br
    accountable for it !!! Last but not least everybody in this world knows you shouldn’t always believe what u see on the internete ! This is 2016 their are a lot of ways to frame people and make them look bad with today’s technology it’s common sense !’ As for all of you that you that commented u are all haters that don’t do shyt in life that will always be the losers that u are fuck off !!! And go try to better ur own life ‘!! cause Sarah is a bomb photographer that is moving up in life and decided to help her close beautiful friend out but she will keep upgrading and all of u will still be in ur looser ass lives stuck in Framingham being nobodies while she on yachts living her dream !!! And lighting at all u haters Ass Bitches !!!! Hahahahaha Rant over ! Have a lovely day !

  48. New insta for now…

    Gracie Macedo, u are a pedophile.

  49. For Amanda:

    ‘ wish u looked as good as Gracie or have no fucking money to book her urself’- Gracie
    is an average looking girl and no one wants to book a pedophile except for Sarah.
    Yes, most of us are well off unlike sarah who pimps out girls to fund her so called plush lifestyle.
    ‘Sarah is a hard working woman – Pimping business must be going well then.
    ‘personal beautiful close friend’- Ofcourse close friend because sarah is her MADAAM and again seen far more prettier
    girls than gracie.

    ‘Sarah is a bomb photographer’ – Wrong here on all accounts, she is a MADAAM who pimps out her so called beautiful
    friends like Gracie.

    ‘she on yachts living her dream’- Did she get pooped on too!

  50. What ever u fucking Hater… My shades cost more then ur months rent lmao… Who cares !!!! U guys are all bums anyways !!! She making it in life u and all the other haters will still be working ur 9-5 making close to nothing crumbs hahahahha !!!! I’m off this for all the supporters great ! To all the bums on here u wish u could be a SplizZ Doll Hahahahaha !!!! The only thing u can really say about Sarah is that she over weight oh well got news for u she dropping all that ! Fat or not she still looks better then half of u on here !U guys are prob all fucking ugly Granades anyways !!!
    None of u are real enough to put ur real name on here so go back to ur miserable lives !!
    THE END…

  51. I know truth hurts. What shades are u talking about? Ones which were given to you by your sponsor for letting him poop on u!
    U are delusional if you think being a pedo is life goals (gracie is a pedophile). By splizz doll u mean pedophiles and porta potty girls, right? U forgot to right that sarah is a pimp too. How many times we’ll have to remind u???
    Fat or not sarah is still a pimp! Our girls are clean unlike u Amanda- porta potty girl.
    Miserable lives, huh? Are u off your meds or did your sponsor leave u?

    Pedo gracie new insta-

  52. What shades are u talking about? Ones u got after getting pooped. U seriously need help if u think being a pedophile is goals.
    No one wants to be a splizz doll or work for pimp sarah except for pedophiles.
    Sarah is fat and average looking at best and also a pimp. Our girls are clean unlike u Amanda- porta potty girl.
    Are u off your meds or did your sponsor leave u??

  53. Pedophile changed her insta again-

    U should be in jail!
    Gracie u are a stupid delusional pedophile.

  54. Update-
    delusional pedophile changed her insta again-

  55. Gracie pedo how long will u keep on running ha! U are a danger to society, should be locked up immediately.
    God knows how many lives u have ruined!
    U are a disgusting person gracie
    Shame on u and sarah the pimp!

    Changed your insta again-

  56. Rot in hell gracie! That is where pedophiles like u belong.
    People like u make this world bad. One of you ex-friend told me that u are narcissist bitch and a bully.
    You have an ugly heart and of course u are ugly- not even avg looking!
    Rot in hell pedo gracie!
    U are fooling young girls on insta-
    U need to be exposed everywhere and sent to jail
    Your life is not goals

  57. Changed your insta again u disgusting pedophile!
    People like u are menace to society!
    Rot in hell u disgusting pig!

  58. Keep on visiting here again and again gracie-
    U and sarah are disgusting!
    Shame on u sarah. I hope your family are proud of u working with a pedophile.
    Gracie u are a danger to society. U need to be looked up!
    You are an ugly person. U’ll never be a model u ugly pedophile

  59. Her followers need to know that she is one ugly pedophile!
    She is fooling young girls into thinking that her life is goals!
    She and sarah should be locked up!

    • what does that got to do with you thoo why you going out of your way to let her followers know hahaha go have a life it’s a nice day out homie go for a run and get some of that anger out

  60. U are right, nice day today!
    But she still a pedo and needs to be locked up
    Gracie and sarah u both are disgusting!
    U guys need to be locked up

    • Fuckin right Blueberry, keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe this will serve as a lesson to future insta whores…oops I meant models*, who think its okay to get shat on and fuck underage kids for money.

  61. Agreeing to fuck a 12 year old is insane. If a man agreed to do this he would go to jail

  62. Hahaha all the way to the bank

    all the Splizz dolls are nothing but ugly bitches who crave attention, y’all one step away from being strippers and doing porn, but you think your hot shit, guess what your not, congratulations on your 1000 dollar shades that you got cuz some random geezer stuck his Vienna sausage in your pussy, it must feel good thinking your so hot, but the reality is you got that money from showing your ass hole to the world , in 10 years when your kids see that shit you can show her your Gucci glasses and say it was okay, that you still winning, but you’re not, claiming you got all this money but your dumb ass will probably spend most of it before the end of the year and guess what you will be back to bending over letting strangers share pictures of your crusty ass and than when you get old and used up and no body wants you, it’s will be okay you will tell yourself cuz you will still look good in those shit glasses.

    Gracie you a dirty dirty bitch, cheated on her mans with mad photographers, was ready to fly across the ocean to cheat with a child,

    As for sarah, you look like the grinch, hope you loving the fame you always wanted ?

  63. Great comment!!
    Made a print of it

  64. Gracie, back on insta again and now working with another photographer.
    Does he know about your past? Does he know that you are a pedophile? Does he know that you would travel half way across the world to abuse a child?
    Or he could be a pimp like grinch sarah so doesn’t matter to him!

    One of the caption of your pic says that ‘You don’t owe me’. Pedophile, tell me, do u have dementia?
    Just a week ago u agreed to abuse a child! Shame on u gracie and shame on your parents who raised a
    pedophile like u. Should have whipped you at the right age so it wouldn’t have come to this point where you start abusing children.

    Gracie u ugly ass pedophile and grinch sarah both need to be locked up!
    Just read on the news that a man who was expecting to meet child for sex was caught by undercover police
    and he got 10 years in jail. U guys are no different, shame on you gracie and shame on u sarah for supporting this! —— Strange that she hasn’t changed her insta yet

    • Please share her whore instagram so we can spam him with these articles, and that video too, then maybe the poor photographer would not be a victim to her degenerate ways. Filthy whore, still keeps whoring…

  65. We need that fart video so we can spread it on IG and elsewhere. Ugly pedophile

  66. Shame on travyhayes,, for working with ugly ass bitch gracie.
    Don’t u know she’s a pedophile or are u pimp like fat grinch sarah?
    U guys are disgusting!
    Gracie and sarah, u ugly ass bitches need to be wiped off from the face of the earth.
    How can u agree to have sex with a child, gracie? What is wrong with you?
    Do u have daddy issues?

  67. Made your profile public again, huh?
    Shame on you ugly ass pedophile!
    Shame on your parents
    Shame on everyone who works with ya-

    U should be in prison u stupid bitch

  68. ‘don’t want what you’re offering’, U stupid delusional bitch!
    Month back u agreed to have sex with a child for $10k dollars.
    Any guy who offers u $10k u’ll become his slut and do nasty things.
    People like u make the world a bad place, U should be locked up.
    Ugly ass pedophile!

  69. twitter: @_graciex0

  70. Disgusting pig why are u still out on the streets!
    U should be stoned to death. Fucking whore

  71. Fucking whore should be in prison

  72. This ugly ass pedo is still roaming the streets!
    Should be locked in prision and beaten to death!

  73. Ugly ass pedophile made her insta private again!
    Shame on u!
    Rot in hell

  74. Fucking whore and pedo still hasn’t made her insta public
    Rot in hell

  75. Fucking whore and pedo losing her followers or what

  76. Alright boys and girls this girl is delusional- still denying all this- thinks we are stupid

  77. Go to my page

    Pedo acting like she is all innocent of this!!!

  78. Alright Graccie I’ll stop all this if u make your profile public and unblock me

  79. Why does she block me again and again!!!
    All i do is go to her page and write that she is a pedo… that is her true self

  80. Gracie pedo plz make your profile public again and also zoe hoad deleted posts are on:

  81. Boys and girls account got deleted by pedo gracie and whore zoe hoad but not to worry cuz their posts are all coming back up. Once on the internet always on the internet

  82. pedo graccie can u unblock me plz

  83. Whore why do you keep on blocking me

  84. Pedo graacie couldn’t delete my comments so she had to disable them!

  85. Ugly pedo stop disabling the comments

  86. WHore keeps on disabling the comments lol

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