Margaret Lillian Byass and Alicia Jean Simpson from Seattle, WA agree to fly to Dubai for weird fetishes

” Check these two out guys, Margaret Byass and Alicia Simpson! both from seattle. These two started young. long story short she started interacting liking my posts and I decided to slide in the DMs as americans say. She wanted to bring her friend, and Alicia agreed to fuck a 12 year old. Both also agree to fulfill farting fetishes, and many other things, read below! why in america pedophile women dont get arrested? You have many wemen on your site agreeing to take virginity of young boys! anyways, enjoy! I submitted the video of them farting on command and the consent video in a seperate email.”




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  1. lol this story is too dope. I definitely have similar stories from flying girls into LA or Miami.

    Them Gyal yah now a days will do anything for the lifestyle and take some pics for their social media ?? it’s fun tho. Love these stories I think I may have one of my own very soon

    • You know what I’m waiting for, I’m waiting for the day we start to see those video’s from Dubai of sponsorettes doing all sorts of things finally getting out onto the web from the private collections of the men. I saw one pic of a girl that shows her blowing a horse that was leaked.

  2. ‘is she handsome like you?’

  3. Look at how dog rough these girls look in the videos compared to their photos. I’d be disappointed to realise I’d paid $50k to take a shit on that

  4. Where can we see the fart videos?

  5. gottaseeittoeliveit

    plss share the fart videos with us

  6. yall such degenerates! cheers!

  7. She’s pretty hot for a baboon.

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