EMG Talent Vanessa Racquel Davidson Model & Elite Management Model Aliya Azamatova get flown out

” Hello tag team!! here I have emg talent model vanessa davidson and elite model management call girl Aliya Azamatova. It really is true what people say about the industry these models fly around on a sponsors expensive selling pussy like a cold water on burningman! Vanessa is from New York I think, or based there. The other hos is from Moscow, Russia. This convo is way longer but its just bullshit back and forth. Made initial contact months ago when I received a tip that Vanessa was a hooker. I told her i wanted to fly her out and paint her green like an avocado! she was down and wanted to bring a co hoe! Their instagrams are @NessaPrincipesa and @aliazama haha these are some tall trollops! I can tell she was a veteran pussy seller when she was very hesitant to get into details insisted in speaking on the phone or in person. this wouldve been an expensive threesome! what do you guys think??”


Lets hope EMG and Elite dont see this. Their careers would be over.


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