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Hey bros, long time fan, I love your work! 
Anyway, knew of this girl in my hometown through various social circles. She moved to Melbourne, and through her snapchat and insta (which has 100k+ followers), I noticed shes always staying in hotels or expensive looking serviced apartments right in the Middle of the city. 
Weird, because on her videos shes in pyjamas 99% of the day and doesn’t have a job, other than flogging detoxes and making herself into a tea merchant. 
Oddly enough she moved back to Adelaide recently. 

Curiously, I found her on cracker with identical photos from her ig, along with a “verification” picture of her holding up paper which was congruent to her other pics on insta. 

Note: body type, phone Case, and bed are all identical on both mediums. 
Worth investigating. 

See links below. 

Identical photo to cracker. 

Same bed. 

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I'll never be skinny, I've finally come to terms with that. My genetics, build, and lack of willpower won't allow for it. However, I can be fit and healthy. Last year I was stuffing my face full of McDonald's, KFC and alcohol five times a week and then starving myself the rest of the time out of pure guilt and hatred of myself. Then when I moved back to Adelaide and got in and back out of a short-lived yet highly physically and mentally abusive relationship I decided I was going to do something for me and make an effort to feel better about myself not for the approval of others, but for the approval of myself. I began training with @beauwilliamson and learned what I should be doing in the gym and started eating less junk food and more of the right foods. I also received a waist trainer from @waisttrainer_nzaus and began wearing it when I went to sleep at night. I'm still not where I want to be but I've come a hell of a long way from where I was, both physically and mentally. I know these kinds of posts are cliche and often made fun of but I just wanted to get that off of my chest ✌🏼️🌸💪🏼🍏 #bodiesbybeau #teambodiesbybeau #waisttrainer #waisttraining #healthy #fitspo #ThatFitspoHashTagWasSarcastic

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  1. I’ve seen some escorts using pics of ppl i know on their ads. They fetch other ppl’s pics and use them as their own in the ads cuz of various reasons. Maybe this is one of those cases. Worth following up on.

  2. Yes she’s here on a tourist visa and working as a sex worker, probably not paying tax either. Mega dodgy. I’ve seen her in a sex worker/feminist group moaning about not getting many private clients but saying it’s beneath her to work in a brothel because it pays less. Charming.

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