Lena Nersesian and Emily Rinaudo (videos and pictures)

What’s up tag team. I’m submitting Lena Nersesian and Emily Rinaudo better known as @lenatheplug and @emjayxo_ 
I’ve booked Lena twice and Emily booked once (second time Lena brought her along). They’re ok girls but boring to be around if you’re not going to fuck. Lena wants to be “hood” so bad and Emily definitely has some daddy issues. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone they sell pussy so I’ll get straight to the point. I included some pictures and videos Lena used to send me after the first time I sponsored her. Btw Lena is for sure pimping out Emily or atleast getting commission from her bookings. Keep rocking! 


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  1. Lmao I used to have Lena take over these snapchats that I owned with large followings. Loves selling her pussy on there.

  2. Excellent sharing. Thank you so much.

  3. another anonymous

    link disabled?

  4. Link is broken

  5. pronstar karlee grey is seen in some of the videos

  6. Haha, we just published her sex tape claims on zwnation. Good work Tag Team!

  7. drop box link not working, any chance we can get another

  8. Dudeeee please accept me on instagram!!! My insta name is fernandito789

    I’m a huuuuugeee fan and been following you for a long time! I heard this website is not uptodate so pleasseeee accept me on insta! Thanks!

  9. New link please – Dropbox have temporarily disabled this one due to traffic….

  10. Wheres emilys files? Loved the lena package

  11. Files aren’t working

  12. download link not working man 🙁 , please fix if possible

  13. Can anyone make a 2nd link with the pics? First links down.

  14. Ieuw, at least shave your pussy. That just looks nasty and cheap.

  15. Her shit look dumb dry, lol.

  16. just serve the files on eroshare man. We can never see them

  17. New drop box link?

  18. How much did you pay for them?

  19. Link. Update. PLEASEEE

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