IG model Kaili Marie Anderson from San Diego agrees to Dubai trip

” Hey this is my first submission love what you guys do. This is Kaili Anderson aka @kissmeimkaili shes a bikini “model” from San Diego that recently moved or planning to move to Las Vegas (wonder why). Anyways she was dating this kid thats really known in the gamer community Jordan Kaplan, dont know exactly her intentions there but we all know why she chose the kid. All this girl does is club and go to edm shows. She mustve recently graduated bottle rat academy and wants to get into the big leagues by hooking in dubai. Shes constantly bragging on twitter for no reason about how shes not a gold digger and couldve been rich long time ago if she chose to get a sugar daddy (brags about her many offers). This is exactly the type that need to be exposed, the ones that put on a facade like theyre better than others meanwhile doing the things they swear not to do.”



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  1. Where’s the uncensored pussy shot?

  2. Her parents must be very proud!

  3. This is so wrong ??? anyways follow me rach.highway 🙂

  4. Nice work comrade. Do you have the uncensored pics btw? For science.

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  6. whats the point of blurring pictures

  7. Wow what a waste of a poa. She’s way to hot for this bullshit

  8. Need uncensored pic for fapfap

  9. Really i need the pic

  10. Fuck It would be really cool if there could be a way to see the pic

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