NFL Player Johnny Manziel rathers getting instagram hookers than paying his debt 

Johnny Manziel owes over $150,000 to our guys over at PCNY for their services. PCNY offers luxury concierge services specializing in car transportation and rentals. Johnny has been avoiding and ducking for quite some time now. Is it maybe because he’s blowing all of dough on Instagram hookers? His following on Instagram might be able to back this speculation. But one thing is for sure is him wifing up an instagram “model” – we all know how good these hookers are at milking. We find no other than the bird Bre Tiesi. Draw your own conclusions tag team! But let Johnny Know to spend less on hookers and pay his debt!  (Story will further develop as we get updates)
VIDEO 30-45 minutes before Johnny crashes the car CLICK HERE

​”The aftermath @jmanziel2 smashes every side of the car in the Hollywood hills then begs and pleads to help him out of this before police come so he doesn’t get in trouble” 

Lol the only thing real about Bre is her eyeballs 

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  1. Manziel better dump this dream-killer and focus on trying to get back in the NFL. She may suck his dick but she’s also going to suck all of his parents’ money out of him.

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