Summer Bornstein and friends 

Penicillin needs to start sponsoring these birds like #FitTea or #Shredz ? Nothing is bringing in more business to pharmaceutical companies like these Trollops. Chlamydia ain’t gonna cure itself. These turkey sandwiches are spreading more HPV and UTI’s than a giant hornet spreading pollen. Salute to them, graduating bottle rat ? academy and now entering the big leagues. No longer mediocre club VIP sections. Now it’s yachts and Cancun trips. Tier 3 in the hoe world. Just a few notches under Dubai and private flights. The best part about being around these hummus warriors is analyzing their entitlement as if the people around them don’t really know how they acquire the lavish perks. We know they’re just breathing flesh lights, but let’s humor them in the hopes of a rim job and anal. Look at the middle one, she has to be best friends with one of the hottest hoes. The only way they let her come along. Ma you 6’8″ go guard Lebron. Then the third one to the left aged like milk. Has to be 23 tops but looks like smeagle from lord of the rings. Peep how most of them have bruises, Larry the CEO is into some kinky shit. Last shorty to the right look like she’s never seen a blow dryer in her life. Looking like a distressed broom. And to the main trollop that captioned the picture, you won’t need therapy yet. Right now she has a warped sense of reality, once she realizes she was only a commodity in her 20s that’s when the pill popping and Dr. Susana PhD will bank on your sessions. Remember #TagTheSponsor

This bitch is as funny as the 9/11 incident. Perfect example when someone with the IQ of a fork tries to be funny. No you’re not ironic and no, the reverse psychology caption won’t fool anyone. You wanted to flex with an ace bottle. Just post the picture and move along lil thot. Also, tag the whoever paid for that bottle, ya funky bih #TagTheSponsor

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