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“Guys check this out. Rachel Jergess – This bird tries to send a submission in my DMs thinking I’m an admin for you guys. I play along little does she know that I’m aware she’s a hooker. My buddy met her on seeking arrangement and banged for guts out for a short period. Looks nothing like her pictures in real life. I saw a story she posted on Instagram and reminded me of the DMs I had with her. This is when submitting to tagthesponsor goes wrong haha. She thought she was slick getting ahead of herself.”

You can always tell when a bird ain’t ever have shit. Look at this #DoNothingBitch flaunting like she’s acquire that herself. Ostentatious hoe. Of course you’re going to be flown first class, getting your asshole stretched by dick 20+ years your senior has a price. I bet you won’t show that return ticket in economy though. You turkey ham. Typical Instagram pigeon with no job, no education, 0 accomplishments and a parasite to society – yet thinks they’re gods greatest gift to earth. Humble yourself you well contoured turd, you have 5 years until the lavish life scholarship runs out. Learn some life skills and start planning for your late 20s. The only thing you’ll be flying then is cargo. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. ahahahhaah oh man, i swear my goal is it to have my own convo here on this site one day, gotta get rich ASAP

    haahha and u posted a new article right when i was done reading all the new ones, great content man haahah holy shit im dying, she got exposed HARD

  2. Not surprised I knew this about this chick from the second I met her.

  3. So this chick has some guts trying to post an educated working female that I know from afar in Detroit on blast for shit that RACHEL actually does for a living. Rachel is 21 years old looking like she’s 31 with all that fake make up and wigs gone bad all that shit u flaunt the least this dishrag can do is spend some money on fixing her body in real life rather than filtering it on some app to make her waist look small. She is thejoke of town that’s why she’s always trying to leave town to get away from all her drama she has in her own city. Her mother sells her own daughter and tells Rachel to fuck for cash only. Like mother like daughter.

    As DJ Khalid would say, Rachel… you played yourself and karma is a bitch. You try and put a girl on blast and accuse her of being a hooker when that’s what YOU do. Jokes on you you should go hide under a rock after this embarrassing post. Shame on you and the terrible thing parenting job by ur mother.

    Peace and hair grease little sugar baby, if anyone wants to fuck Rachel you can find her on “seeking arrangements” – sugar daddy website

  4. She has become an international hooker. She charged my friend $200 to fuck her and he said she stinks.

  5. Looking at this females instagram makes me want to barf, you really can tell when a hoe ain’t never had shit before when she flaunts everything she has. Humble yourself lil child or someone else will

  6. These girls are dumb af and they will never learn! You sit and point fingers and try to shame other girls when you sure af know your hands ain’t clean…

  7. Hoodrat finally got exposed, damn Rachel got put on blast worst than her dirty.com exposures.

  8. Biggest Whore in the cities of Michigan, Vegas, LA and Miami she has daddies in every state paying for her first class tickets she doesn’t go to college or have a job yet she posts pics like she owns her own Fortune 500 company. What a joke. This hoodrat deserves to be put on blast for trying to put someone else on blast for the stuff she does.

  9. Tagthesponsor so are all your old posts never to be seen again?

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