The ironic advise of Colombian model Luisa Herrera

“Randy July 5, 2017 at 9:54 pm

Bro you can’t make this shit up.
This is an interview with Luisa Herrera. To anyone who knows how to speak spanish watch this video lmao

For people who don’t speak spanish let me translate it for you :
They ask her what was her opinion on scams and catfish on social media.
She answers :
“Well, that is something really important to take into account for social media models, sometimes girls publish their personal photos and agreed to inadequate proposals. There are many people in social media who wants to scam you and make false proposals to girls. I give them some advice and tell them not to trust anyone and simply ignore those types of people. Unless the proposals comes from a certified company with a name, title and recognizable trajectory, DO NOT TRUST INDIVIDUALS, IGNORE THEM!”
No words for this i’m dead lmao”

She also says at the end she works in business marketing and some other shit. Complete bullshit. 

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