Submission: Suzanna Ploszaj from Brooklyn, NY is delusional. 

Submission: ” I know you guys don’t do this, but post her. The TagTeam needs to humble her. Meet Suzanna Ploszaj @suzyplosz, pseudo feminist and sjw that works at the library science department as a news optimization analyst for Bloomberg LP. These are exactly the type of women that give the rest of the good ones a bad name. This self centered, narcissistic, condescending megalomaniac has made a mockery of men which she seeks out for herself. She thrives off the attention given to her only to feel like she’s gained power by playing the chase. To feel validated, she tries to belittle the men she woo’s in to create the warped sense of reality that she’s superior or some shit. Go see her Instagram page. Can you guys post her? Give her a taste of her own medicine”

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