Anna Sisykh finally caught with the #Blesser

“We caught this Siberian human flesh light today with the guy who clearly pays for her lifestyle. If you Check her page @annasizykh_official you’ll see she’s all over the world, first class, helicopters, expensive jewelry. You’d think how say? Modeling? Nope. Whoring. Just keep it real Anna. This was at Marquis in Miami lol.”

I think he dead next to her and she doesn’t even notice. The guy hasn’t moved in over 15min. Bet she’s hashtagging #Blessed as we speak 💀#TagTheSponsor

<<<< eling all over the world and tagging everything but the sponsor. #PlublicFigureHuh LOL I’m sure @newyorkmodels is paying you enough to travel... 🤨

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  1. Meh…another whore for hire

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