Pseudo Instagram model Amy Jade Killeen from Manchester is a thief

“Need help, an “IG Model” who’s actually an escort stole some designer out of my apartment on camera and has convinced everyone she’s an Instagram model but in reality she’s a cheap hooker. Her name is Amy Jade Killeen. She told me she’s 21 years old, but her bio says 19 on ig. Says she’s a “model” and also works for Gucci in Manchester. Says because of her modeling she goes from Miami to Dubai to Las Vegas to LA

No record of her working at Gucci in Manchester (I was thorough). Originally from Manchester.

Goes coast to coast between sponsors

She’s out in California with another sponsor now, told me and my girlfriend that she needed a place to stay a few nights because she was locked out of her apartment. Turns out it was her sponsor kicking her out and she was going to the other coast to meet with a new one, stole from the apartment before she left.“ .

After we posted this story on our Instagram. Another team member came forward with similar allegations about this girl stealing a Hublot watch.

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