In 2015 we should stop gassing up these Instagram “Models” like they’re godsent. We are putting them on a pedestal for just showing ass. Too many #CaptainSaveAHoes defending them, like these bitches got some special skills to satisfy you. They have fat behinds and malnourished brains. All they have to offer is a 2 or 3 holes. Nothing but hoes with tons of make up, fake ass and fake tits. The crazy thing is they all starting to look the same, same hoe poses and outfits. It’s like all of a sudden there is this surge of women who have small waists, huge hips and unproportional butts. Defying The Laws of anatomy. You do not get ass shots to become a nurse. Some have 400,000 followers but are a fuckin bartender, and thats fine. But you expect us to believe your weekend job bartending pays private flights, or first class? They’re selling pussy behind the counter watching whos buying the most bottles to reel them in. These chicks don’t instagram themselves walking their dog, picking flowers or buying cheese (hell whatever); it’s always ass all poked out, stupid poses, marketing themselves to sell a product. Da’Pussy. Instagram model means prostitute, they might as well start to put their rates under the pictures because they won’t be fooling anyone for much longer. We are pro-prostitution. But we are against women who sell pussy and try to put down those who actually work and make a decent living calling them #Basic. We are against fraudulent hoes, pretentiousness and bigotry. Hoes that pretend they built their accomplishments by working hard and not laying on their backs. That’s why we don’t take submissions from strippers or pornstars, (most) these women will not try to fool you. They’re upfront with what they do. We are also okay with the women who flaunt what their significant other has gifted them, or does who in a relationship with a wealthy man and dont hide it. These “models” want money & attention, and will never show who paid the bill. We keep getting “Why are you guys doing this?” To get a laugh, because it’s funny, to open eyes, everyone gets a kick out of it, we are like any other meme page. “Loser! But you’re not getting paid!” We are marketing the shit out of it while giving our fans a good time, we have an app coming soon, have our gear, and many projects in the works. Likes don’t pay the bills people! Back on topic, Men have gassed these build-a-body chicks too much. Someone Emailed us saying “I’m glad you guys put stuff like this up so all these young girls can see that these Instagram models aren’t just taking those trips and getting those gift just to go around the world taking selfies”. Sadly the young girls will only see the glitz and glamour not realizing it comes with a price. #MohammedWillLiterallyShitOnYou or you wont get paid. Seems like the more pussy selling you do the more you’re rewarded. These so-called “models” are posting everything and then get mad when called out. You get what you put out there. We also just post the submissions that these models uploaded on their account, we just add funny hashtags! We all know what you did for those red bottoms and that LV purse. We all know you paid for that FHM magazine shoot to use as a back story, we all know whos taking your pictures while you’re traveling around the world “alone”, we all known what #blessed means, and if you claim you’re so well off, show us your w2, Oh that right, selling pussy doesn’t include taxes. Yall in your early 20s with a fake ass and tits but unemployed? #ButYouABadBitchHuh What exactly are we booking you for? On a last note I really don’t care if anyone sells pussy, Dont take our page so serious, please unfollow. Someone will say “but you wrote a novel blah blah blah yew careee” I will reply, suck ma nutz! Theres a bigger picture to all of this and only a few of my followers realize whats up! So if you’re here to have fun and get a good laugh while sitting on the crapper or on your lunch break, Cheers! For those with a broom up your ass and the nay sayers, make yourself known to block your asses! *DropsMic* #TagTheSponsor ™ @tagthesponsors


  1. please shameeka rosario instagram name Shameekarosario is in my country Nigeria sleeping with 4 governors and several northern business men. She claims shes pregnant for a governor. So i have tagged all her sponsors.

  2. Check out @fabijones slangin that snatch ????????

  3. @petravp @cassie.nd @emelieleandersson swedish bitches

  4. God speed gentlemen

  5. I love this website.
    Keep exposing these prostitutes and stop inflating they’re EGO’s.

  6. Instagram: @pammacb & her sister loloskloset – deffo longtime sponsorettes!!

  7. Hitler had pure intentions too at least that’s what he thought.

  8. check Instagram @monika_pietrasinska, @maffashion_official, @jemerced, @iwonawegrowska

  9. Great page! finally someone is speaking loudly about this #instaprostitution. Here’s one I met personally in Singapore justbella18 (instagram). She’s working hard to be #blessed 🙂

  10. I understand, it’s a nice business opportunity for you, #tagthesponsor, considering the t-shirts and everything, but seriously, guys? You’re really making such a big deal out of something that’s been around for as long as humanity has? So what if they like to f**k for money? Get over yourself.

    • We’re allowed to talk about whatever we want. If you dislike what they do so much then why are you on their page. Is it because you’re an instagram hooker too? This girl needs a sponsor, get her outta the country ASAP

    • It’s more than “making a big deal” these hoes have gotten so out of control that they proudly proclaim how they’re “shitting on broke hoes” and “getting money”. They are convinced that they’re better than the woman who works at the post office or the school teachers or anyone making an honest living. That’s what make me mad. Any women could slang vag it’s not a talent it’s not a skill. Social media got these chicks thinking they’ve really made it in life. I’ve actually seen young girls on some of these models’ Aight Pages saying how much they look up to them and want to be like them. It’s fucked up and shouldn’t be so highly and openly praised and worshipped. It’s like we’re living in an alternate universe where honest women are looked down upon and called “broke” and “haters” while hoes sell all their dignity for the almighty dollar.

  11. Good job exposing these bed bug hoes, because thats all they are, are hotel bed bug bitten loose leeches and scavengers. All of them.

  12. I’m a female & i’m glad you guys are exposing these escorts! They always want to claim its “hard work” too lol

  13. Hello,

    Where am I able to contact you guys for networking?? I’m in online marketing (SEO & etc.) and would like to network with you guys? I have fb pages with over 50k followers — One of them is @funnyviralindex.

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  14. Would be interested in seeing these two pretty popular IG “models” get caught:

    Was recently seen in London and has booking info in her bio LOL (you really think a chick like this would randomly go to London? c’mon man)

    Another potential trollop who’s claim to fame is being a video vixen/NYC hostess, but we all know that hosting doesnt pay that damn well LOL

  15. check these here : instagram.com/leb_girls

  16. This one : instagram.com/carolhannounkeyrouz. “London | Beirut | Jeddah | Dubai”.
    These two need sponsors : instagram.com/lebanesequeen12 and instagram.com/rebeccarkassab.

  17. Have y’all looked into chinamiing yet? She real suspect lol

  18. This site is hilarious but very true, I love this site already continue on exposing.

  19. if you want to find some good quality “real” hoes not some jumped up bicthes visit http://www.uae-escorts.com

    Keep up the good work

    Expose those fake ass hoez

  20. How do I order your new black t shirts?

  21. Dubai insta ho’s, no jobs, not a cent between them, but pretend they live the life……



  22. Taz’s Angels. They don’t even have furniture in their brothel. Bunch of loud mouth ghetto birds.

  23. https://instagram.com/erickamunderwood she is very suspicious as she got red bottoms and rolexes but in the same time she posts pictures from church and with some motivational bs like she is a better person then average people. Dubai trips of course. I would love you to check her price.

  24. So automatically any girl that visits dubai is a “Trollop”? I just went on a trip with 3 girlfriends to dubai. We all have jobs and boyfriends but we like to work hard and travel a couple times a year. When possible with our significant others but sometimes timing is not on our side. I like that you’re exposing escorts that make other girls feel less but how do you know if they have a job or not? I’ve been a fan for a while but when my friend suggested we go to dubai for spring break I was second guessing it because I figured maybe everyone thinks that dubai automatically= porta potty. We also don’t all post about our jobs on FB. I work for an insurance company and handle sensitive info, part of the company policy is to keep our phones in our bags while we work because we handle ssn #’s and other information that could lead to identity fraud of mishandled. Just a thought and sincere curiosity. Still a big fan of what you guys are doing just wanted to make a point that not everyone who visits dubai is an escort.

  25. You guys are assholes. People have one night stands all the time for nothing… these girls are just smart enough to get paid for it. I wish girls would pay me to fuck them lol. They should legalize this and make these girls pay taxes.

  26. Please do a check on asian models as well. there’s a lot of questionable ones in california. Such as:

    IG: @dawnjaro @justene_j @_cashleyrose @waiyun

  27. do IG: @youneedmae too

  28. I needed to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every
    little bit of it. I have got you book-marked to look at new things you post…

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