Alessandra Sasha Szul needs a deposit before selling pussy


“ Guys expose those hoe. She goes by @dollypatron1017 on instagram she’s from New York. This bird is pretty delusional asking for a deposit before even talking to her. What a parasite. Check out the convo. Now everyone can see how she really pays her bills. Pretentious hooker. She loves …

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Instagram Hooker Alyssa Abigail Russell is not too bright


As most our fans know we are very strict when vetting who to accept on social media. No sponsorettes allowed not ghost accounts. We have thousands of pending requests, it’s bound that one will infiltrate. So what happens when one of them actually does get in? You would think that …

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Submission: Suzanna Ploszaj from Brooklyn, NY is delusional. 


Submission: ” I know you guys don’t do this, but post her. The TagTeam needs to humble her. Meet Suzanna Ploszaj @suzyplosz, pseudo feminist and sjw that works at the library science department as a news optimization analyst for Bloomberg LP. These are exactly the type of women that give …

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When getting sponsored goes wrong 


When Mohammed leaves you at the palace with lil Simba while he is away on business and the lil homie could give 2 fucks about your Lion King re-enactment to flex for the gram and just gives you a preview of what’s coming when daddy gets home. ????? #WhenFlexingOnTheGramGoesWrong #BitchThoughtHerVideoWasBoutToBeLit …

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