1. How come you haven’t exposed that Demi Rose Mawby chick yet? She was in Dubai last year and now she is in Miami with those Taz Angels. Another chick that is suspect is this chick on Instagram, StefunnyC, she’s a little smarter, but she has to be a hooker too. Also what about that Bieber chick, Chantel Jeffries, she’s always traveling with her hooker friend Catherine. I think she is in Paris right now.

  2. Get on Laila Saeyang a Bay Area hussy. Why is she always alone in her pics. # instagramfabolousreallifein shambles.

  3. You need to expose lemybeauty, beautifullyrosa, and igbeautiess_ page is full of sponsored hoes

  4. Check that slag ILOVETHEMIDDLEEAST.
    She’s made her Instagram private, so request the bitch n see her pics. She’s prob fucking some old Qatari dude. Ugly big nosed dog.

  5. check out these insta hoes

  6. Check out Maria Fowler. She’s a vile cheap skank from Derby. Loves an Arab. Common,ugly hound with a deformed head and a penchant for cash/gifts for ‘playing’

  7. Omg, yes! MARIA FOWLER!
    Wasn’t she ‘exposed’ a few years ago for banging Arabs for cash with her ugly hooker mate TIA? Towie reject,Derby Trollop always in Mayfair checking out the cash. Desperate.

  8. yoventura <– check this. Girl is 19

  9. https://instagram.com/mariam/

    the ultimate parasite off her man, acts like a boss (slugs for eyebrows), lives off him & pretends she works.
    endorses local products on her insta like shes an international star……kim k you’re not.

  10. another one who lives like a queen….yet no job???


  11. This Lebo Aussie Trollop Mariam Rod goes out with some dude in Abu Dhabi. Local guy. She’s a freeloading bitch

  12. Marian Rod.
    SUPER FREELOADER. Literally thinks she’s a boss celeb, ex Emirates trolly dolly. Gets photos taken with celebs and acts like she’s really pally with them. Delusional. Get a job hoe.

  13. http://qminmagazine.com/eba-mariam-rod-beauty-business-instagram/

    “I just don’t upload photos of me being in the office or on my desk and having to deal with so many different people on the phone. People are just not interested in boring moments. They want to see the good life and I do have a beautiful life. I am so grateful for it and when I don’t post anything people start telling me that I am not doing anything with my life. The thing is that I have three successful businesses right now, but I don’t upload them.”

    Suuureeeeeeeeee you work guurl…..of course…..

  14. She’s been with the Abu Dhabi guy for years now. The hot local one. She’s a freeloader for sure though. Fake Ho

  15. @tag the sponsor

    why isnt your instagram account open? am waiting to be accepted to follow u guys, do u guys use it often?

  16. Go check out KRISTINA VON HEIDEMAN on Instagram. Another Swedish Trollop with exploding lips and tits. Claims to be a VIP flight attendant, yet she’s been known to love the MoMo’s. Gold digging hooker.

  17. Yes,Kristina Von Heideman for sure. Trollop. Cash cow

  18. https://instagram.com/millajacobsen/

    the freeloader of freeloaders.
    ask her the last time she had a real job?

  19. Seems Camilla Jacobsen had wayyyyyy too much filler in that mouth of hers. Gold digger

  20. Red flag for ANNI UUSIVIRTA. Finish Trollop. Check it out!

  21. Akbarsfloozie.

    Blue building? Najma? Gulf cinema. Scraggy big foreheaded dirtbag? Thin straggly blonde stringy hair? Ugly as fuck? Akbar Gana find out your shenanigans babe. Fooked up gnashers. Pot calling kettle black? ??

  22. Akbarsfloozie.

    Some little scruffbag from QR has been a very naughty girl. Considering it’s a strict company and you can get your stinky ass fired at any time, you shouldn’t have been so cocky sweets. ??

  23. https://instagram.com/millajacobsen/

    worth checking her out. famous in Dubai for never working.

  24. Check out MICHELLE LOUISE.
    Blonde UK Trollop. Loves Slutting around Arabs.

  25. C’mon! Surely to god you’ve heard of RENE MILLAR? Old spotty New Zealand Trollop in Dubai who thinks she’s Arabic ? she bangs old Arabs like they’re going out of fashion.
    Check it out. STD’d up to the hilt.

  26. Gemma Fox. Needs investigating. Proper dick squatter

  27. Sheniz H check this out on Instagram. Along with Cally jane beech,Hannah Prentice and Sonia Yasmin Ali.
    Oh and don’t forget Sarah Steel ???????✈️✈️✈️✈️??

  28. You mean GENNA FOX I think? She’s a pure dick squatter. Check her Instagram.

  29. https://www.facebook.com/teresa.tolevy.5?fref=ts

    i see somone else mentioned her above and she changed her name from ‘tolevy’ to ‘to levy’……why would this pretentious freeloading hooker do this if she didn’t think someone was onto her!!

    well known dxb hooker who thinks shes a boss. time to investigate.

  30. I agree about the Tolevy slut. See she’s been invited to Cannes by some guy who’s paid her a first class ticket.

  31. james st patrick

    expose lemybeauty bitch don’t tag the sponsors man

  32. https://www.instagram.com/juliadybowska/?hl=en

    This one has already been to Dubai doing nasty stuff. 199k followers.

    Try to get this one 🙂

  33. https://www.instagram.com/daria_kolo/
    This is slut from POLAND. STUPID BITCH

  34. What about Vera Bambi? Known cam girl

    • This is Synful Sindee or Tatted Cynthia, but actually named Cynthia Long from Mobile, Alabama. She had a history of working with “escort services” there and moved on to modeling for shady photographers like Leroy Dickson, who was known to be offered sex as payment and would dabble with escort services. She moved on to Texas as she got multiple tattoos and is just a trashy near-middle age woman doing whatever “modeling” she can to avoid a regular job.

  35. Rebecca edenstrom

  36. Ayisha Diaz is an instagram model who spends a lot of time in Dubai. I think she’s selling pussy, expose her


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