ItsPaigeRebecca aka Paige Rebecca Garner being classy in Dubai


“Guys check this hooker out trying to flaunt in my city. We laugh at these slags thinking they’re big money when they foot here and get sponsored. What a joke” The cringe is real ? – #TheSponsorAftermath #WhenMohammedTheSheikAndHisBusinessPartnersRunATrainOnYou #OhYouThoughtItWasAFreeTripWithJustBlowiesAndTreats #HarufiAndAkbarJustAdded29000MilesToThatAss #JustJoinedTheHummusCartel #ShesNowACEO #MeaningCuntEntertainingOnly #PussyGotMoreMilesThanDomTorettosCar #SponsoredBySabra #RoomServiceBetterBring9BagsOfIceToGetTheSwellingDown #HairSaysSheDefGotPissedOn #IBetSheStillHasShitUnderHerFinferNails #GoToDubaiTheySaidItllBeFunTheySaid #PoorParasiteWillHaveToUseHalfTheMoneyOnTherapistsAndMeds …

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When submitting goes wrong – RachelDollFace


“Guys check this out. Rachel Jergess – This bird tries to send a submission in my DMs thinking I’m an admin for you guys. I play along little does she know that I’m aware she’s a hooker. My buddy met her on seeking arrangement and banged for guts out for …

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Summer Bornstein and friends 


Penicillin needs to start sponsoring these birds like #FitTea or #Shredz ? Nothing is bringing in more business to pharmaceutical companies like these Trollops. Chlamydia ain’t gonna cure itself. These turkey sandwiches are spreading more HPV and UTI’s than a giant hornet spreading pollen. Salute to them, graduating bottle rat …

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ZW Catfish: Tiffany J Vine


Question: How can someone who seems to only work the occasional happy hour shift at a nondescript chain restaurant in the Denver Tech Center; afford a $1500/month rent and trips to Costa Rica and Las Vegas in the same month? Answer: She’s a hooker. CLICK HERE ON READ THE FULL …

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Ana Laura Lozano down for the hummus 


“Hello tagthesponser we have Been missing you on Instagram. Today I show you this whore Ana Laura Lozano. She pretends to model and sell tea hehe nothing new right. I told her to like my pics and she did. It is funny the pic I comment on has ur friend …

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