ZW Catfish: Tiffany J Vine


Question: How can someone who seems to only work the occasional happy hour shift at a nondescript chain restaurant in the Denver Tech Center; afford a $1500/month rent and trips to Costa Rica and Las Vegas in the same month? Answer: She’s a hooker. CLICK HERE ON READ THE FULL …

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Ana Laura Lozano down for the hummus 


“Hello tagthesponser we have Been missing you on Instagram. Today I show you this whore Ana Laura Lozano. She pretends to model and sell tea hehe nothing new right. I told her to like my pics and she did. It is funny the pic I comment on has ur friend …

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Real life shit


Ah, Another year of spring break week and new generation of aspiring newcomers to the city with all their innocent hopes and dreams. It‘s only a matter of time before they are snatched up by a few promoters, pressured to go out every night and end up in the ‘scene’, …

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