@TattedUpHolly selling pussy in the Bronx 


“I used to fuck with this chick before her rates went up. This is not a biter submission or anything like that. I know what the site is about so this is the story behind her. She used to sell pussy in the Bronx to drug dealers and scammers. Low …

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@toniiizzz @danniil @carramelloh booked for Dubai yacht orgy


“DANIELLE LEWY, CARA LEE, TONI BRADY – The three slags from Sydney! Ha, I will keep this short, but I booked Toni for an orgy on my yacht and then she invited the other two trollops to join! haha Cara is engaged btw, I wonder what she will tell her fiance! Anyways …

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Bottle rats and where they stem from 


A FEW years ago, I attended a party at a nightclub in the meatpacking district of Manhattan with about 10 young women, most of them models, and two club promoters, men whose job was to bring beautiful women to exclusive parties. Beyoncé’s hit single “Run the World (Girls)” boomed, and …

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@Takarawinel – 90% guaranteed to be turning tricks


” Message Body: Hey bros, long time fan, I love your work!  Anyway, knew of this girl in my hometown through various social circles. She moved to Melbourne, and through her snapchat and insta (which has 100k+ followers), I noticed shes always staying in hotels or expensive looking serviced apartments …

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