Bottle rats and where they stem from 


A FEW years ago, I attended a party at a nightclub in the meatpacking district of Manhattan with about 10 young women, most of them models, and two club promoters, men whose job was to bring beautiful women to exclusive parties. Beyoncé’s hit single “Run the World (Girls)” boomed, and …

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@Takarawinel – 90% guaranteed to be turning tricks


” Message Body: Hey bros, long time fan, I love your work!  Anyway, knew of this girl in my hometown through various social circles. She moved to Melbourne, and through her snapchat and insta (which has 100k+ followers), I noticed shes always staying in hotels or expensive looking serviced apartments …

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Holly Mellard aka Holly Pocket was booked by TagTeam member 


“Here’s Holly Mellard pretends to be a model but we all know what is funding the lifestyle she flaunts on social media. Recently booked her and here’s a preview of what she’s about to do for 1,900/night. I send the whole video to your email. Please post.” Full story will …

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Model actor Danny Agha is gay for pay


“TagTeam! this is Danny Agha the self proclaimed actor and model. He is from canada but lives in los angeles, he seems to be living the good life online. I wonder how! rumor is he is a gay for pay escort in LA. You know how the hollywood scene is …

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HTownCiara selling pussy


“Wanted to fly this one over to me. Ive seen her all over social media for controversial beef with rappers and other women in hiphop. Very condescending so I wanted to try her out. Props to her for not agreeing to fuck a child like the rest of the hoes …

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Who is Karina Skurd’s Sponsor? 


“Hi I saw this on her profile. A ticket like this can cost 4-6k one way. No way a person without a job can afford it. I decided to do a little research to see what I can find”  She left all the information uncovered which could be traced back …

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Karina Skurd is a frequent Trollop in Dubai @karinashk


“My friends in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain, told me about her antics, So i decided to test the waters. Heathrow Karina Skurd is a frequent Trollop in Dubai. She is Stonian living in the U.K. Sincerely yours Abdullah from Dubai.”  

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Pamela Wolek deserves a price 


Pamela Claudia Wolek firmly believes she deserves an award for thinking she can fool one of our fans.  “clearly sells pussy since she decided to follow me and like my pictures. I go to her her and it is all selfies and sexual pictures. Trying to attract sponsors like me. …

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