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The escort market has truly moved to social media and Instagram is a by far greater platform it seems than escort agencies. Back some years ago when I ran an escort agency for under a year that kind of self-promotion was barely beginning. Some of the girls we had also fucked some Arabic princes and they told us that they paid the biggest amounts. Also I would like to truly confirm that the major model agencies like Elite are pimping out their girls via high-level escort agencies – agencies they own themselves! So anyone sending his 16 year old daughter to a “reputable” big model agency better be aware of what else might be transpiring on the side. Underage models being pimped out is just a matter of price. Those guys are beyond the law – they only get caught, if they piss off someone more powerful. 

The most lucrative clients are: 

1. Arabs
2. Older men – CEOs etc. 
3. NBA/NFL players who don’t know better 

There is a good reason why practically no one else does this to the same degree or why Arabs are the most “generous” – they know exactly that they can get more value for their money if they run Game, get mistresses, sponsor local girls locally, pay her apartment. Not only is such a connection by far more personal, but also a lot more cheaper. Most men at that level only pay big bucks for their favorite porn star or B-level celebrity. 

I once met this one girl in Dubai and she told me that she is in a harem with one local. She got paid 12.000EUR/month plus all shopping and living expenses. Her guy had usually 4-6 girls in a hard harem and 3-6 girls for “sharing” with other guys or giving them to guests. Most of them were not even married, that was generally considered their “wolfing around”. She told me that they had languid lifestyles taking a lot of drugs and barely fucking the girls. Usually they were under contract for 6 months and were of course only supposed to sleep with their main client unless they were one of those who were for sharing. 
She told me that the toughest part was not even the sex, but all the fucked-up ideas those guys got. They watched porn all the time and whenever they saw some crazy stuff about ping-pong balls in pussies, doing some idiotic circus number or something like that, then they had to do it – sometimes for hours at an end using toys to masturbate each other. At other times she told me that they had group meetings where the men got all their hoes together and let them do mass performances. Again – in most cases they just took drugs and watched while the girls did all the work. 

Whether that stuff is worth it depends really on the girl, her psychological makeup and the experiences she has. One girl we had blew all the money she made through the nose on cocaine – she literally had holes in her nose through drug abuse. And of course she got a kid with a local poor Alpha as many of them do. Many of them are inwardly broken if they do it for longer periods. There are some who leave the business relatively unscathed, but I would not be able to estimate how many. 

As some others have mentioned – I noticed a definitive trend of many pretty girls to do various stages of escorting on the side (here in EE especially, but also in the West on a higher level). Some men approach them with a good offer on the street and they do it. In other instances they get offers online. Most do not even make a career out of it – it’s just side-hoeing. Many guys here have likely fucked girls who did that. In the past girls who started out that way decided to go the full monty and do it for longer, but now there are ever more girls who do quick stints, some paid fucks here and there and still consider themselves “good” girls with marriage-potential. 

As our society breaks apart we move towards primitive r-selected mating patterns which means that with deteriorating economical conditions the 8s and 9s of the world will start to live in hard harems with wealthy Paper-Alphas. The next level of Feminism might even describe that as “empowering” and brave – of course everything limited until she turns 30 and is left looking for Mr.ExictingAlpha now that she has got some cash to “attract the man that she deserves. 

Funny note about the pissing/beating/weird shit:

At a hotel I worked at, I used to ask the housekeeping director what kind of weird shit she’s seen. Immediately she looks pained and says, “If only you knew…” She would pull out a few photos that they would take as proof so they could recover the damages to the room. In quite a few photos, there were bedsheets stained with blood and feces, and quite often there was drug paraphernalia in the room. She made a point to specify that by far the biggest perpetrators of hotel room hijinks were Arab guests.  

I’m not sure what it means. I used to think I was freaky but there are people out there that are into some dark shit, and for the right price look how easily these hoes go with it…blech.

There is a large overlap between models, sexcam girls, instagram whores, event promoters, strippers, escorts. 

Its very common for models to join a high end escort agency and fuck 12-20 clients a year. These are part time VIP escorts with “other careers.” They are usually actresses(taking classes but not getting shit), have their own “fitness training business”, or in some some sort of fashion school. On top of this they usually have an arrangement to have their rent paid. Its important to note that these women are not full time escorts and can be gamed if you have access. 

The lines are always blurred and they usually never just do one thing. In order to properly identify where they belong all you have to do is decide how much they are worth in the whore pyramid. On the low end you have stripper/sexcam + independant escort combination. These are usually girls that are slightly above average with fake tits+ass but not good enough to join any serious modeling agencies. They might have another “career” but they are mostly whores. On the higher end you have the instagram + event promoter/part time VIP escort types. These are the girls you might find at tables in high end clubs. They are looking for new clients, connections and places they can stay for free. The ones that just stick to modeling are usually runaway models with established agencies like Ford, IMG etc, Which sometimes might sell too but rarely. 

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  1. You A Model Huh?

    Fascinating. Obviously its impossible to say if this guy/gal is legit, but, either way its an interesting read.

  2. Yes exactly. Email me for more

  3. I believe him. It matches other things I’ve read and word-of-mouth from legit sources.

    Rich Arabs are truly the biggest scumbags on the planet. They use the Palestinians as props. Our guys get sent to the Middle East to defend them. It will be a hilarious day when fracking, nuclear power, and alternative energy make the price of oil so low that nobody wants their oil anymore – except the Chinese, who won’t be as easy to push around as Uncle Sucker/Sugar.

  4. 4. Arabs

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