Sometimes we forget what the @tagthesponsors page started off based on. And it is simple occurrences like these. We just simply want you to tag the sponsor hoes. That’s all. To the left we have the makeshift “independent women” out for dinner. Now if you go to their pages, you would just see the picture of them three. Nice right? Girls night out, drinks and food at some fancy restaurant. Cute cute. But then, we have the same hoes pictured to the right, but guess who’ posted that one? Ahhhh yes Bashir and his boys. Just give the sponsor credit ladies, or at least let go of the self made facade. You still have time to change your ways, or should I say tag your sponsors before our page really blows up, and your dirty little secrets get exposed. We are spreading across the globe at a rapid pace and it’s already too late for some of you hoes. Anyways, thought this submission was dope, and accurate to message we send. #TagTheSponsor #HoeScience ?????? #Unraveled #BashirAndThem ™gregorygreens



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  1. Sorry but I don’t get why it’s so important for girls to tag who they’re out with? Maybe they don’t want everybody in their business.. What do these women owe complete strangers that are so thirsty to know what’s going on in their lives? Just because three men took these ladies out to dinner and they didn’t post them doesn’t mean they are "slinging poon" just because everybody doesn’t post photos of themselves at work doesn’t mean they have no job. These women owe nothing to complete strangers… And they have the right to keep whoever they deal with private instead of showing the whole world which in my eyes is corny anyway. Some of the girls you post no doubt are escorts but others you have no idea what they really do. Like these three girls are out to dinner with three good looking men that seem to be around their age… What’s the big deal that they didn’t show the world who they are?

  2. People are just jealous that they’re pretty and do fun things for free. You don’t have to have sex with a guy to get free shit and dinners and trips… And if you do that’s on you. A lot of bitches have sex with broke guys that don’t give them shit but a headache but these girls are whores because they are out at nice places lol whoever made this page is the definition of a jealous fat ugly loser who has nothing better to do than stalk thousands of Instagrams a day…

    • I am going to make this easy as possible you to really understand, since you just do not get.

      Do not pretend to be self made when in reality you are completely DEPENDENT on the other person paying you, for you …. nobody likes a mooch, not even you.
      Ashley when you buy followers, you will ALWAYS have people like us. You wanted to be celebrities, you wanted the attention, I mean are you/they not pretty? They are celebrity and we are TMZ. Next time you fuck a reality star, ask him how bad the paparazzi are.
      In ‘Murica the vagina is a very intimate part, this is hardwired idea in 90% of the females anatomy and the other 10% being the outlier. So when you sell your pussy it is comparative to a 28 year old burger flipper. The escorts are no better because in reality both divisions are selling dignity to make ends meet.
      90% of burger flippers are over qualified, escorts rarely seem to be.
      If 70% of your income comes from escorting you are not a model by definition. It is like calling a janitor a maintenance engineer.
      You just do not get it, these women think they are a catch, when in reality they talk more about the billionaire they had dinner with then they do about you. Once again you are another pedestrian living above your means. The male versions are called 30k millionaires.
      Jealousy is inherent in every single person, even you get jealous. This emotion is hardly a factor as to why people hate escorts. My brother is jealous of the cars I own but he is hardly a hater and he is quite vocal about it too.

      The fact that you do not like broke men is very ironic as I was an ex-sponsor few years ago and my sugar bear was broke most of the time. Most men marry women that earn less. I have and I could not love her more, she is ambitious and she was the first women to ever ask to pay half the bill.

      This society has deemed that being a selling pussy is wrong and women dating men below their income level is wrong. The only thing that should not be allowed are two broke people without ambition to ever get married, they create poverty.

    • I love when fellow THOTS defend accepting money for sex because it’s better then fucking broke men. So either you fuck a sponsor or a broke dude lol..There’s no in-between huh? STFU, bird ass hoe lol. Here’s a clue, bitch. Fuck a man who has some dignity and doesn’t need to buy pussy. And if you’re a hoe, admit it instead of playing a front on IG like you actually have skills to earn thousands a week.

    • Haha – You’re getting ripped a new asshole ya whore!

    • Ok captain saveahoe, let us just get this straight, guys don’t fly a girl out in a PJ and give her a Birkin because she was "so much fun to hang out with that one time", sorry, not how it works… My closest friends, people I consider family, I may give lavish gifts to.. But if a homie wants to show up at my place, he better get his own ride, regardless how good friends we are… And a girl I met once? Or over Instagram? Not coming over just to chill #truestory

  3. I know the girl on the far right. She belongs on this website.

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