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  1. Listen up, JaimeScottR..the people who run this site don’t target "normal" girls who have real jobs and are below the poverty line and tempt the desperate with cash they need to survive…it ain’t like that…the people blown up on this site are selected based on their Instagram photos and/or Internet presence..if you are in the struggle getting up at five am every day to go to work and you have a sick mom and a dad not in the picture and maybe a kid (normal every day problems that have financial impact on people), you DON’T have photos of yourself on yachts or clapping your asscheeks together in teeny bikinis with that stupid squirt emoji. I don’t believe that. But you know who do have photos like that? PROFESSIONAL HOES, that are arrogant enough to believe they can lie about what they do for a living to the world and be believed, because they think everyone else is stupid. You, I suspect, were selected for a reason. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your photos.

  2. @Vee couldn’t have said it better. Just by the profile pic alone i can tell she has daddy issues. #BitchHasMoreBotoxOnLipsThanKylieJenner #WhoTookThatProfilePicLayingInBed? #ProfilePicTaken5SecondsBeforeLarryTheCeoTeaBaggedHer

  3. Thank you, my friend

  4. jajaja you are so disgusting, every girl knows who are you.. Nobody wants you now.

  5. Who the fuck says jajaja anyway

  6. I agree with her. Yea, theres a lot of dumbass girls that front for social media and act like they have money when they are really just prostitutes… I myself, am a college girl….. trying to get to masters degree and I’ve had MANY men approach me on social media offering me money. Have I considered it?–hell fucking yea… but I dont, because people are weird and he’s probably a rapist or has aids. I dont think its right to expose good girls who are given a opportunity to make money and better their lives a bit. I do love this site, but…expose the girls who make this a career and try to stunt like they drive bentlys and takes trips to dubai on the reg, dont expose the women who are naive and just trying to make ends meet. JS

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